Saturday, September 02, 2006

Karl Rove is Losing Power.

This I couldn't believe. Him too! Karl Rove's power went-out, can you believe that?! Every time we get a gust outside of our country home--poof!! Out goes the electricity. Damn-you, Ronald Reagan, with your strange-fixation to deregulate. My Grandfather said the power NEVER went-out in 40-years...until they privatized our public utilities. I never wondered why he referred to Reagan as "the dummy" (or George W. Bush either). Imagine that, we get crappy-service now. At least the Libertarians still have their guns, and nobody can get a human-being on the other-end. It drives me crazy, and I consider myself a modern person who would loathe life in the 19th Century, but somehow we're back to that degree-of-corruption again. When do we see people literally selling snake-oil again? Publicly? Man, I love the gizmos and the air-conditioning, as well as running-water, plumbing and refrigeration. Well, judging from Karl's fat-face, he does too. But, what's not to like about comfort? So, don't believe all these stories about Karl Rove losing-power, it was just that one time during a thunder-storm. People might start thinking he's jinxed, that Giant Baby Head Man, and he could be dangerous when he's pissed-off. They say it storms in Virgina, and you gotta know it's true.