Saturday, August 09, 2008

On the John Edwards sinning scandal

A'murka--Is this underwhelming or what? He didn't break-the-law like Sen. David Vitter when he engaged in his serial-solicitation of WHORES, and he didn't violate any security clearances, but the GOP is just itching to get some hits in somewhere, anywhere.

Yet nobody really gives-a-shit with the price of gasoline (our temporary reprieve isn't going to last), a worthless war in the Middle East, the Republic of Georgia being (re)invaded by Russia, and everything else that's actually of importance.

The fact stands: it's nobody's business, but somebody found out and blabbed. He broke no laws, and if he violated anyone's trust that matters (comments to the press and others don't count), it was his wife's. That's where it ends. The rest is utter bullshit.

Would I have ever voted for Edwards as a presidential candidate? Nope. He had problems in his platform and he voted to authorize the Bush administration's use of force in Iraq. That's unforgivable, though his voting record on social spending isn't as bad as most in the Senate. Then, there's the other guy: Obama's just lucky he wasn't in the Senate at the time (2002), that's it. Otherwise, he would have voted likewise and allowed the Bush administration a free-hand. Well, OK, he already has in continually voting for war funding, but that's another story altogether.

John Edwards' tryst: a non-story, I could care less (OK, I lied).

If you can say anything at all with any certainty, it's that filmmaker Rille Hunter got too close to her subject, an "Edwards fetish" if-you-will. It's doubtful that her documentary is worth watching.

I'm not a Democrat, incidentally. Oh sure, I'm registered as one, and I've only voted GOP once in a local election in Muncie, Indiana, but Nader has my vote. The Democratic political machine there was well known for being totally corrupt and their candidate--a former sheriff--had been cold busted embezzling from public funds. The Republican wasn't attached to the establishment there in any respect.

Some asshole told me at the time: "He won't accomplish anything, he doesn't know anybody downtown." And? So they don't accomplish their usual agendas--this is bad because...of what? I will decline to vote for any candidate running for Indiana's 2nd District seat in the House, they all have to go.

The paternity test: it's likely that the child is his. Do I care? Ask the GOP's Dan Burton, he had a love child going back to the 1980s when he issued 1,000 subpoenas against former President Bill Clinton about ten-years-ago. Another Midwestern slimeball named Larry Flynt outed him, thanks-in-part to the maverick investigator, Dan Moldea (he thinks Sirhan Sirhan alone, murdered RFK, a laugh riot).

Somehow, some way (because of money, natch), the very corrupt, stupid, and ugly Burton's still in office. I doubt this is going to hurt John Edwards that much, and he and others need to be pointing-out all the other offenders who are still in (and out of, like Mark Foley) office. And that's exactly what you're reading right now...

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