Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Joe Donnelly, Republican

South Bend, Indiana/Indiana's 2nd Congressional District--I highly doubt I was the only one outraged by Rep. Joe Donnelly's ad. While the GOP is actually learning that demanding for more offshore-drilling and ditto for Alaska's ANWAR....Donnelly is picking-up their talking points. In the ad, he accuses "Congress" of not doing anything, and begging-the-question that we need to drill for oil in Alaska.

That's exactly what the GOP has been hitting us with for months. The funny thing is, he actually had a demeanor of "Oh shit, now I have to say things I don't want to." It was pathetic, and I expect the ads to be dropped. They don't appear to be running today, and they couldn't have played well with a public that knows full-well that we have to get off of oil, and pronto.

Joe Donnelly: he's acting like a businessman, rather than a leader. Absurd, and all the evidence one needs to support the argument for the foundation of very serious third parties.

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