Friday, August 22, 2008

Obama's Veep Pick: Does it Really Matter?

The Campaign Trail of Tears
--Nah. I'm saying it's either going to be the arch-conservative milquetoast Evan Bayh from my own state of Indiana, or the virtual unknown from Texas, Representative Chet Edwards. Soooo, he didn't even think once about--erm--tapping Hillary (who would? Not Bill.) as vice president. That was a smart move, because there would have been no logical reason to think she wouldn't have been stabbing a President Obama in the back his entire tenure in office. We'll see, and probably in less than a couple hours.

Poscript, 10:00 PM: An incredible wait, so I went out to see the new Kiefer Sutherland film "Mirrors," which is really great! Of course, we all know the wait is political theater at its best, but Obama's smarter than his ossified, washed-up jock rival. My money's on Bayh, why break a run of disappointments? Caroline Kennedy would be a great one, so it's unlikely. Sigh. Time to watch William Klein's "Mr. Freedom"! Notice how nobody cares who McCain picks as his running-mate, yet even the GOP is riveted over who Obama will choose? I have.

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