Friday, August 01, 2008

An open letter to the North American religious right

USSA--Now that you've been instrumental in wrecking our once great nation and economy over a 35-year-long fit over Roe v. Wade and your fear of Blacks, women, homosexuals, and anyone who doesn't believe what you does it feel to be proven wrong on virtually every point daily?

How does it feel to serve Caesar well beyond Christ's proscription? How does it feel to be so scared, stupid, and boring?

Most importantly: how does it feel to have no sense of the literary or of metaphor? In some gospel accounts, Jesus was constantly telling the disciples, "You just don't get it." That's a hint in the allegory.

Your versions of the New Testament come primarily from a faulty 12th century Greek-transcription of the gospels. Your concept of the so-called "infallibility" of the Bible is a new one, coming from the early-20th century in America, concocted by wacko evangelical preachers.

The rest of the world of Christianity isn't like you at all, you're a strange death cult. We're a happy mining town.

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