Wednesday, August 20, 2008

FEC: GOP Sen. David Vitter must pay legal expenses incurred in DC Madam proceedings

Washington D.C.--The Federal Election Commission's (FEC) board has released their ruling today that Louisiana Senator David Vitter cannot use campaign funds for his legal expenses surrounding his role in the proceedings of the late DC Madam, Deborah Jeane Palfrey.

However, he can use $31,000 of them to pay for legal costs he incurred in the Senate Ethics Committee probe into his misbehaviors when he was not a member of the Senate.

Yes, the logic is a little odd, but the decision is fair overall, a very balanced one in an era of almost no oversight of elected officials (mainly Republican ones):

The FEC has ruled in its draft opinion that Vitter cannot use campaign funds to pay $85,000 in fees for work related to quashing the subpoenas.

“Sen. Vitter’s need for legal representation to quash Ms. Palfrey’s subpoenas stemmed from his role as a potential witness in Ms. Palfrey’s trial and was not related to information known to or acquired by Sen. Vitter during the course of his candidacy or in the performance of his duties as a U.S. Senator,” stated the FEC.

The FEC’s draft opinion also denied Vitter’s request to use campaign funds for $75,000 in legal fees for monitoring Palfrey’s criminal proceedings.

“Subpoena Counsel would have monitored the Palfrey criminal proceeding irrespective of Sen. Vitter’s campaign or duties as a U.S. Senator,” the FEC wrote. “Thus, the use of campaign funds to pay for the legal fees and expenses incurred when Subpoena Counsel monitored the Palfrey criminal proceedings would be an impermissible personal use.” ("Vitter cannot use campaign funds to pay for legal fees," The Hill, 08.20.2008)

And there you have it. It had nothing to do with his campaigning, something Vitter and his counsel knew, but fought and lost against. It appears the price of everything has gone higher than any of us would have imagined.

J-7 wishes to congratulate Senator Vitter on being a prime example of gross irresponsibility outside of the White House, and a typical Republican officeholder. That's about to end.

Soon-to-be ex-wife Wendy and Vitter's daughters are likely to keep digging at one of the most pathetic examples of patriarchy America has to offer...if they still talk to him anymore. Mrs. Vitter is a former prosecutor, which is going to make her ire that much more painful to dumbo, and great for laughs and lashings of the ultraviolent.

It says it all that The Hill was the first to jump on this, since the GOP is that most partisan of political agents. Thanks Mr. Moldea, at least you got this one right. The public gets to comment tomorrow, so send your love--be formal and polite--to the FEC offering your solid support of a fair decision.

Vitter was in Palfrey's phone records, she was convicted of soliciting prostitution, and therefore, he also solicited prostitutes. That's against the law, and not about sinning, regardless of the ending of the statute of limitations. Senator Vitter is a lawbreaker and a black liar.

"Vitter cannot use campaign funds to pay for legal fees," The Hill, 08.20.2008:

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