Monday, August 18, 2008

A Sliders Story...

South Bend, Indiana--This is so incredibly cute, I nearly built a ship in a bottle: my brother and my niece went up to Lake Michigan this last week (she's three). On the way back, they stopped at White Castle
for some "sliders," since we've never had one here, and never will.

Alice Cooper played here in 1975 (yes, the "Welcome to My Nightmare" tour), and didn't return for 28-years. Yup, we're that kind of stick-in-the-mud town, we're boring. But it's a beautiful region, Michiana, and I'll probably die here. Things could be worse.

Anyway, they got a few hamburgers...and my niece started petting one of them, saying, "Oh, baby burger, it's OK, awwwwwwww." I'd say I'm now worried she might be becoming a Republican,
but she's three. That's the best excuse there is.

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