Sunday, August 31, 2008

The GOP Convention: Hurricane Gustav is coming! Hurricane Gustav is coming! Hurricane Gustav is coming!

Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota--God, this is my own little humble prayer (and curse) on the Republican Party, perhaps the most violent, exploitative, criminal enterprise the world has ever known: may NOT ONE human being die in New Orleans or along the Gulf Coast, but make it clear that the Bush administration has done NOTHING to properly repair things in New Orleans, because that's the fact.

Make the Republican obstructionism of aid to the Gulf Coast loud-and-clear while Vice President George W. Bush and President Dick Cheney are attempting speech during the convention. Make-it-plain that Karl Rove is not a "genius," but a catastrophe with lots of money behind him, expediting chaos for America in a way only a monkey could manage.

And let this--God--wreck the GOP, let it bring-about their demise as a criminal party. And God, splinter the Democratic Party after that, because they're hardly any better. German soldiers of during WWI and WWII wore "Gott mitt uns" on their belt-buckles, just as the GOP claims that you are on their side. This is doubtful.

Now we're hearing that John McCain is altering the program at the convention in-response to the hurricane that is bearing-down on New Orleans once again, just three-years from the time that a GOP-led government failed us all. And they have kept doing so ever since with all the other disasters that have happened since then. And now, we're hearing that Vice President Bush isn't going to speak at the GOP's convention and is heading down to the Gulf--that must be a relief!

The GOP is right: government doesn't work...when they're in office.

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