Saturday, August 16, 2008

CNN: "Bigfoot Hype"

CNN--I'd ask them what's wrong with them at CNN, but we already know what. And we already know what's wrong with the 100+ media outlets that spent a few thousand to send their correspondents down to Georgia to talk to the goobers claiming they have a bigfoot carcass, and to cover these claims. Couldn't that have been done with an iPhone,
™ or simply through a telephone call or an email?

But today, in one of the most degrading cases of CYA--and I ain't talking about the Catholic Youth Association--I've ever witnessed in television journalism, when CNN was commenting this afternoon on the silliness of the "hype" surrounding the story.

Never mind their massive contribution to it--it's hype. Well duh, and it's also obvious that the mainstream media massaged us into this illegal, worthless, and incredibly dangerous war in the Middle East. That war is about to expand if we're not careful, which means it's almost assured. Just more reasons to hate Ted Turner for creating CNN in the first place. Asshole. I personally contend that the hairy, apelike corpse is in fact pulled-pork, and delicious. But that's just me.

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