Friday, August 15, 2008

"Bigfoot Global LLC."

Atlanta, Georgia--When I was around 7-years-old, I saw one of these examples of pure hokum: it was an allegedly "bigfoot" frozen in a block of ice. Predictably, you could barely see any features of what was inside the block, and the owners of the artifact were refusing to let any real scientists near it.

The vendors had merchandise and the viewing fee was stiff. It was the 1970s. You would think that after all the debunkings over the last 30 years it would scare-off the gullible, but we're an ignorant culture, so it's go-time. Add to that the hopelessness of this era, and you have some craning-necks. Besides, isn't it looking like the 1970s again anyway? OK, without Hans Holzer and Leonard Nimoy and "In Search Of," but the cruddy History Channel covers that gap.

All we're seeing today are some photographs of what is either the carcass of an monkey, or a very cheesy ape suit. The orangey-haired creature looks an awful lot like an orangutan.

There's a reason: it's utter bullshit, though it could be a distant relation of late President Gerald Ford.

These bozos from Georgia regularly suck money from the gullible, taking them out on "bigfoot expeditions," and somehow have concocted this newest scam...except someone whom I now love hacked into their site this last week and stole some of the unconvincing photographic scans and published them wide over the internet. So, the bozos from Georgia (not the nation) had to hold their worthless press conference today, and astonishingly, Obama accuser Larry Sinclair was nowhere in sight.

CNN and other television news outlets (and all of the rest) have given this story about as much time and credence as the Russian incursion into the breakaway nation of Georgia. That should tell you how much credibility they have.

As far as I can tell, absolutely no major media outlet has commented on how obviously craven and exploitative this bigfoot venture is, but if you look at all of the information, "Bigfoot Global LLC." should have raised some alarms that this is nothing but a scam for money. The media's often difficult position is that they're the same kind of creature--a genus know for its lowliness and guile, as well as an overdeveloped lust for money and privilege.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Reserve aren't taking it seriously, which should also tell you something. "The most trusted name in news?" I've never trusted or respected CNN, and neither should anyone else for that matter. Our press is a shambles, but that's nothing new. You don't need a 24/7 news network, not at all. They need to all get a real job, whatever that is these days. Besides, there is no Easter Bunny on all stations of the Cross. Get a clue.

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