Thursday, August 07, 2008

Detroit's mayor jailed for leaving country while under bond: Why isn't Karl Rove in jail?

Detroit/The Echelons of Power--Granted that mayor Kilpatrick is under serious investigation (something Congress is incapable of thanks to timidity and being criminally complicit), and granted that his situation is more specific--but why isn't Karl Rove serving even a moment in jail for ignoring a subpoena from Congress? Rove left the country when he was supposed to testify before Congress. What gives?

This time, I want you to choose (no wrong or right answers here)...

Detroit mayor Kwame Kilpatrick is in jail today and Karl Rove isn't because:

a.) He's Black.

b.) He's Black and doesn't have the same friends that Karl Rove does.

c.) He never voted for Alan Keyes.

d.) See "a."

e.) Karl Rove knows where the Ark of the Covenant is, Kilpatrick does not.

f.) His first name is Kwame, which is enough.

g.) He's actually guilty of skipping-out on his bond for a steak and hookers
party in Ontario.

h.) He was a draft resister during Grenada, even though there was no draft after 1973, but they threw him in jail for his tastes in women anyway.

i. ) He thought Ishtar was actually a good movie.

j.) There is no Karl Rove, only a Hal-9000 with an externalized holographic representation of itself.

k.) America forgot it was 2008 and believed it was 1960. They jailed him because there were fears that he was trying to desegregate a public restroom.

l.) He shoved his sister, and he's not as pimpin' as Rove.

m.) Why not? We don't need no stinking badges.

n.) The GOP is above the law. (See "m")

o.) Kilpatrick doesn't look like a muppet, and no jailer would be able to withstand jailing a Jim Henson creation.

p.) I, like, totally believe in dragons now, just not the Constitution of the United States.

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