Friday, March 09, 2007


"George Bush is an asshole."
--Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL/HUMAN SOCIETY--After causing Mayan priests to have to bless the sacred site he desecrated in Guatemala (by his mere presence), George W. Bush decided to cause riots in Rio. They had to bring out the riot-vans and the shock-troops, but the Rio pigs quelled it. Meanwhile, Hugo Chavez and the other South American states aligned-with Venezuela's route away from American influence held a counter-rally that was anti-imperialist in its theme. I'm hoping the moron-in-chief goes to Caracas to have a very heavy-rock lobbed at his head (connecting, and smashing his remaining-brains out) like Nixon did in the 1950s. Look at photos of the asshole from 2000, and now, and you tell me this individual hasn't aged from his six-years in the office he illegally usurped.

It would make my day if an RPG-armed FARC unit blew his syphilitic-head off, it really would. I would applaud it. This individual and his cohorts are a collective Hitler, and nobody complains when one speaks-ill of him, not even when he was alive. Sic semper tyrannis. It would please me if the flesh melted from his face, or if someone poisoned him with polonium-210--anything to make his death as agonising as possible. To see him have his fingernails torn from his hands, slowly, and televised (DVD-rights going to the highest-bidders, because he would approve) throughout the entire world would not equal the carnage that this idiot and his compatriots have unleashed on our world. It would please me if he was dead. I, and billions of other human-beings on this planet we call "earth" fell the same way. This individual must be stopped, and he's being stopped by the Iraqi-people. Cops: quit your jobs, you support an inhuman regime.

For the aspirations of freedom of all in this human society, for all those who dream of a better world, for all the murders they have propagated, for all the pain and misery they have unleashed, they deserve hell-on-earth to be their terminal-condition until they are dead. No, I am not advocating killing the president and his ilk in Congress, but if someone did, I would feel justice had been served. I would feel like most Europeans did when the Allies came in, crushing the fascists. We are facing the same enemy domestically, and George W. Bush is just a symptom. The real enemies are his bosses, the super-rich, an international class, and they must be legislated out-of-existence. If private-citizens have to defend-themselves from the shock-troops of these scum, that is their right as human-beings.

These scum are genocide-made-flesh. They are walking, shambling death, and they are gambling with out lives to preserve their power. There is no lower-form of criminality than them, not even a stick-up man, a rapist, nor a child-molester--not even a serial-killer. At least a serial-killer has the moral courage to murder their victims face-to-face. Even they are better than those who claim the right to govern us. But what they really do is enslave and exploit us. For the survival of the human race, this must end. I feel aligned with those who work for these goals, and who know that the means will often be unpopular. It's time to end the timidity in this nation, and time to bring the fight to our masters. This is the meaning of life.