Thursday, March 08, 2007


Wow! A May 11th release from Medusa films in Italy!! Who knows if it's going to get distribution in the United States? Yes, we suck...Hollywood cannot withstand the competition of real filmmaking. Let's face it: you put Udo Kier in a motion picture, and it's 20% more-interesting than it was before. But then, you have the seductive Asia Argento, the return of Goblin for the score--and maybe even a cameo by Suspiria's Jessica Harper--and you could well have an international hit. According to Argento, this film is about our "tortured era," though don't expect much political commentary from it. This is a wonderful return to the supernatural for Il Maestro, exactly 30-years since Suspiria. Horror is truly back, and she's pissed.