Tuesday, March 27, 2007


MICHAELMOORE.COM--I have to admit, she's been swaying me on this, though it wasn't difficult. This really nails my own experience at-the-hands of Moveon.org: "MoveOn is an autocratic organization run by a small group of elitist wannabe power-brokers; it cannot be reformed, but you can let their politburo know your feelings." I figured having just Pariser's email at the bottom was fine. He must have gotten the blow-job from the brunette-harpie I encountered at their staged-event here in South Bend in June of last-year.

Eli, you are a 27-year-old little prick. You're playing a deadly-game with the lives of American soliders and Iraqis, helping to prolong this stupid war. Like the majority of America, I want the war to end now, and to be defunded now. I understand that the votes aren't there in Congress yet--so why aren't you applying the proper pressure? You're a phony, and a liar. Quit sending me your dumb emails. This is your little ride, your ego-game, and it's begun to end. As you probably know by now, the ride will stop and people will no-longer be giving money to your dubious organization. Siding with hawks isn't working for peace, but at least you got several blow-jobs and your laundry done, as well as some home-cooking. Strangely, there are a lot of women who probably look-up to you, which is weird and simian...

Why do women love men who are completely wrongheaded? Because these men always show an egomaniacal certainty and a cocksureness, that's why. Well, stupid men and women play this dance, yes. Being uncertain of yourself is being mature, it's called being self-critical. The problem here is that the so-called "progressive movement" also contains people who are authoritarian-minded (leaders and followers) and conformist--you need leaders when you all really need to be growing-a-pair and being leaders yourselves. There can be no one--or even a core--of people who has all the answers. We all collectively have the answers, and that is the path we must take. Find your cause and your path, and take it, nobody can tell you that there is just one way. Please, Move-on, dot-org.

Eli Pariser, Executive Director of MOVEON.ORG: eli@moveon.org