Friday, March 30, 2007


Salt Lake City, Utah--Sean Hannity has done it again--opened his big, dumb, ugly American mouth again. This-time, SLC Mayor Rocky Anderson, who was talking on Doug Wright's KSL show via telephone. A call was made to Hannity.

The Rocky-Hannity encounter came unexpectedly today, arising out of [a] call the mayor initiated to the Doug Wright Show. When the mayor accused Hannity of ignoring his requests for a rescheduled debate, KSL put in a call to Hannity. The Fox News commentator responded. "Is the mayor really there or is he holding a protest or having a press conference?" Hannity asked KSL. "He's right here," Doug Wright responded. "Hey, Sean, I'm right here doing the city's business," the mayor said. "Oh, it's about time," Hannity quipped.
(Salt Lake Tribune, 03.29.2007)

Wow, what incredible wit by Fox's best (snicker). At least Hannity has over one month to prepare to have his ass- hipped. Rumors have it that he refuses to pay for his plane flight there--it has to be paid for by...whom? Probably KSL, but why do I think this little shithead wants to foist it on the people of Utah? Then, he can say, "It's the fault of mayor Anderson that people's tax dollars were used to fund this debate." Yeah, but it was all your idea, moron...

Oh sure, the subliterate on the right are already claiming "victory," just as they did in Iraq four-years-ago exactly. In total-seriousness: Hannity will have his ass creamed, he's dealing with a man who debates other politicians for a living. Anderson has done it his entire life. As far as anyone can tell, Sean Hannity is an expert on nothing. He looks like a lowlife hustler, a mental gimp, a walking, breathing gaffe. 

This makes him radically smarter than his fanbase--all ten of them, flipping stations, surfing. Ratings are a sham on Fox News. When you look at the fact that Fox forces cable companies to carry Fox News in-order to carry their other programming, what you have is a captive audience that never chose them, never summoned their existence.

If the debate happens on May 4th (or whenever), this writer will be amazed. This will be one of the few times any of the Foxtrolls have ventured out of their little studio hovels. The reasons are clear: it isn't their turf, they won't have control of the questions, the parameters, the timing (no advertisements to cut-to), and no strawdog opponents. This will be one of the first genuine debates between a Fox commentator and a real person from the left. They can claim victory all they want, and they'll make sure that coverage is scanty, or heavily-edited, if Hannity is beaten down. This is one of life's few certainties--and the fact that Sean Hannity is going to lose miserably.

The Salt Lake Tribune Yesterday: