Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Hey, asshole: you don't control whether lawmakers subpoena people who work or once worked for you. You are not the law of the land, you are merely the expediter of it, and you're lousy at doing even that. If an army of Federal Marshals and/or the Senate's Sergeant-at-arms have to drag Attorney General Gonzales and Harriet Miers, your former legal counsel before the Judiciary committees, they will do so. If Karl Rove doesn't show his face there, or any of them decline to appear, they are in-violation of the law. If tens-of-thousands of us have to drag you there, we will.

And with you meddling in all of this, making-threats, refusing to cooperate--we know it's really Cheney saying these things. We know you're all scared there at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., and that the party is over. Even your so-called allies in the Senate are turning on you, and as the phony-wars in Iraq and Afghanistan reach their inevitable and disastrous ends, you will become more-and-more toxic to these shills. The jig is up. You insured it by wanting a second-term, just like Nixon. There is no way out, despite your gambler's (and drinker's) ways.

Now, today, you're threatening a "constitutional crisis." We all know that we've been in on since 2000 when you criminals stole the elections and violated the voting-rights of millions of Blacks, Hispanics, the poor, the homeless, and even our veterans. You have literally violated hundreds of federal laws, and so we must conclude that you and your administration are also too criminally ignorant to be in the White House. You never were qualified to do anything--your own father has told you this for decades, and now the reality is inescapable: you are a failure as a man. You are nothing, you are a soulless and empty-husk. You have finally hit that wall that was always waiting for you.

It's even simpler than that, though. You're going through the grieving-process. This is the first-stage: denial. The last-stage is acceptance. That's what all you bravado and threatening today amount to. You know that the fun is over, the majority have spoken, and that the forces of law and order have finally coalesced to overtake you and your co-conspirators. Richard Nixon--at least--was a man, and finally had to admit that things were over by August of 1974. You and your co-president, Richard Cheney, watched all of this first-hand back then, yet learned absolutely nothing from Watergate. Like Nixon, you and your wife look heavily-medicated. No, you're not hiding anything, your entire reign has been transparent. Transparent? Yes, because you're so incompetent that you're obvious. How else would we know about all of the illegal-acts you've authorized?
Ahem, support our troops.

You thought you could find ways around the system like Nixon, but even he concluded he screwed-up. Neither you nor Cheney can accept what even Nixon had to acknowledge: he was caught, and that his political career was effectively over. He knew that he had to step-down, or chaos would ensue. Congress is almost ready for a revolt now, it won't take much...but Rove, Gonzales and Miers not testifying will likely do the trick (in a pinch). What's hilarious about your administration is that this is of no-concern to you all. You'll risk social and political disorder to save yourselves and prolong your vampirism of the public and the state. We will keep at you until you are no more as a political entity. You are being forcibly-defanged as a result of the November 2006 midterms, and you hate it--you hate the American people, but rest-assured that the majority of us (and the world) hate you. That will be your legacy, you will be reviled for centuries. It's better to be forgotten than to be that person, oh blessed anonymity.

yours-in-Christ, Matt Janovic, an American citizen