Monday, March 19, 2007


"We're rednecks, we're rednecks. Don't know our ass from a hole in the ground, we're rednecks, we're rednecks, keepin' the niggers [Ed.-and themselves] down." --Randy Newman, 1974, from "Good Old Boys."

WASHINGTON D.C.--It's coming. Karl Rove & Harriet Miers will finally have to make comments under oath in front of the United States Senate. This is overdue by about 4-years, but better late know. It's not going to be pretty, as fart blossom usually speaks before friendly-crowds--OK, those are the only crowds any member of the Bush administration can handle, or ever commit to speaking-at. Right, there were the presidential debates, like the one in 2004 where George W. Bush had to be prompted by Rove and company through an earpiece because he's so dodderingly stupid, but that's about it. Everything else has been staged-managed by Rove and Roger Aisles. That's known as a house of cards when one cannot withstand public-scrutiny. But Leahy laid-it-out to ABC this-weekend:

"The final decision on putting on the agenda subpoenas is mine," Leahy said on ABC's "This Week." "And it will be on Thursday this week, among the subpoenas that will be voted on, will be one for Karl Rove and one for (former White House counsel) Harriet Miers, another one for her deputy." (Reuters, 03.19.2007)

It also helps the common good that today is the fourth-anniversary of the illegal invasion of Iraq by the Bush administration and their allies in Congress in late-2002. Much has changed since then, and the political-context couldn't be any more different. There is only support for this war amongst the "I'm never wrong" crowd, also known as "the emotionally-retarded." Yes, now we know what percentage of a nation's population it takes to pull a people over a cliff...around 33-35%.

Now, granted, many of them are simply short-sighted greed monsters who got a wonderful windfall with Bush's tax-cuts for the wealthy, but it seems the rest don't understand that it's a bad idea to defecate where one eats. Let's simply call them for what they are: mostly white-male, 25-45, tornado-bait trailer trash. Very few women are this stupid, and only an outmoded, frontier model of manhood and citizenship could be this throwback and obsolete. Rednecks folks, rednecks. So, I would put it at 20% who are the rich and their functionaries, while around 13-15% are your basic white trash. The ultimate irony is that Karl Rove, Dick Cheney, and the president probably hate these half-wits more than I do. But then, how can you respect anyone who's a willing-slave? The other related irony is that the poor generally hate those who help them, while respecting "leaders" like the Bush administration who mistreats them, but shows sternness and certainty.

Leahy is the last-word on the subpoenas. Not even the most arcane methods of obstructionism are going to stop this one now, especially considering that the 2006 midterm results weren't simply about Iraq or overspending. It was about the scandal-of-the-day nature of the former GOP majority. It was about Halliburton, Mark Foley, cooked intelligence from the White House, a still-missing $9 billion in Treasury funds that vanished in Iraq under Viceroy Paul Bremer, our soldiers being supplied with contaminated food and water for contracts that were no-bid and overcharged, for a war that seems to have no clear-aims or end, for the botch-job of guarding us on the day of September 11th, 2001, and endless other examples of corruption and other sundry criminal-acts by the GOP and the White House.

Today, thousands are protesting in NYC, flooding the streets of Manhattan, Mr. President. All after a weekend of protests that were nationwide, with a nexus in Washington. We are out of patience, and this war is your mistake--and ours. We allowed this to happen, but you lied to us, Congress, and the entire world. There were never WMDs in Iraq, and you knew this. But you thought that 9/11 was the opening you and PNAC wanted to have your invasion of the region. It won't work, not ever, but you don't even care about that. The war has made your war-profiteering backers unimaginably wealthy, which was the main-goal. It must be a horrible-burden.

It could be tempting to look at the challenges in Iraq and conclude our best option is to pack up and go home. That may be satisfying in the short run, but I believe the consequences for American security would be devastating. If American forces were to step back from Baghdad before it is more secure, a contagion of violence could spill out across the entire country. In time, this violence could engulf the region. (, 03.19.2007)

That's interesting, because you're the only one asserting this, you and your administration and the Generals still active under you. They have to echo what you say because you're their boss, a relationship you're comfortable with from all those failed-business you "ran." The reality is this: diplomatists, active and retired military and geopolitical experts all say you are wrong, just as they did about WMDs before the war started. We won't take your word for it. The demonstrations are cropping-up everywhere, and gaining-in-intensity, and so are the attacks in Iraq. The consequences for our security will only worsen the longer we stay in the region.

You, Mr. President, have asserted that this would "take months" in the early-days of the war, and you were wrong then. You don't have a good batting-average, and the scales are falling-from the eyes of even the greediest, and stupidest of our citizenry. They are beginning to realize that this will ultimately effect them. Everyone knows that the US Attorney scandal is a minor crime on your list, but it's one that can take you down. That's all that matters, after all. Now you have McCain doing his bait-and-switch with you again, touring a Veteran's home in Manchester, New Hampshire--in the state that gave us Ronald Reagan. It's good that the Bush administration shifted-funds for this publicity-stunt:

Residents will be allowed to stay for up to two years while they receive job training and any needed mental health and substance abuse services. More than 200 veterans already have applied for spots, said Peter Kelleher, president of Harbor Homes, which developed the project. Most of them served in Vietnam, he told McCain during a tour of the apartments, though one veteran of the Iraq war has applied. Just days before the dedication ceremony, Buckingham Place and a shelter for homeless veterans in Manchester, N.H., learned they would not be getting $400,000 federal grants they had expected. (AP, 03.19.2007)

If only things worked this fast for veterans all-the-time! Maybe if Sen. McCain (R-Az.) could visit all of them like this...why, we'd have an adequate health care system for our veterans in every facility and VA hospital. Everyone in Congress and the White House knew conditions were deplorable in our VA hospitals, and that care for our veterans has always been inadequate, poor, and neglectful. This is by-design, and is known as "cutting the costs of war." Besides, all the politicos need those VA funds to keep their worthless wars going, and to keep the war-profiteers fed.

Forget the rhetoric: what have they all done for veterans? How hard did they try when there were openings that would have gotten results? And did any of them see Tom Cruise in "Born on the Fourth of July" (1989)? Most of us who have had veterans in our families didn't need to, we knew vets were getting-screwed our entire lives. The pleas of ignorance are lies, and these creatures should be confronted on all of the neglect of our lives, our economy, our justice system, and our soldiers. That's right, support our troops you pigs. The subpoenas can begin the fixing of all of this, our six-year constitutional crisis that is killing America, and might kill human society yet. Now is a good time to have all members of Congress under oath while they're on the floor, and in the White House while they're on-the-job, mandated by law.

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