Saturday, March 10, 2007


"Bring me Rush Limbaugh. Bring me Michael Savage. You bring me the worst, the rudest, the most right-wing," he said. "We need to get this information out and it needs to get to the people who are actually listening." --Salt Lake City mayor, Rocky Anderson (I wish he was my mayor!)

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH--Look at the dumb frat twerp at the top-right. Does he not look like a total pussy? Anyway, Utah: Usually known for their polygamist-cults, and center to the people who knock on your doors, Salt Lake City isn't generally known for mayors like Rocky Anderson. The mayor has been calling-for the impeachment of President George W. Bush for a few-years-running now, and he isn't going to stop, even shuttling to other states with such resolutions on the table. Recently, he was challenged by Sean Hannity on Fox News to a debate--then Fox's Execs got cold-feet. That's because it would be their disaster, since Anderson actually knows what he's talking-about, and won't be the standard easy-target, straw dog Leftie they tend to argue with. He would eat-them-alive, and they know it.

But what really scares them is this: he'll have a soapbox for the truth, and that's not what Fox News is about, not when it comes to the GOP, President Bush and his administration, the costly, disintegrating wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, corporate corruption, the unequal distribution of wealth, and everything-else tied to it. It's like their nightmare of having to have Noam Chomsky on Fox, he's their anti-matter to their matter.They are shills, mouthpieces for power, and allowing the truth onto their programming is anathema to these bastards. Hannity looks like a big, fat wimp, kinda like most of the GOP-shills who blare their garbage to rednecks and the terminally-stupid...he looks devolved like his listeners (and certainly their internal-state).

However, producers of "Hannity & Colmes" said they may reschedule the debate for a future date. A Fox News Channel representative contacted on Friday to clarify that the network itself did not make the decision to cancel the debate between Anderson and Hannity, but rather that was a decision by the "Hannity & Colmes" program. Fox News Channel is a division of News Corp. (KUTV, 03.09.2007)

Funny how they've changed their story: first, no-reason except that "we couldn't fit it in our schedule." Then, it was, "the debate was never solid, only tentative." Next, there was "the Hannity & Colmes show cancelled the debate." Now, it's: "we may reschedule it." This is known as backwards-and-forwards pedalling (they and I just made it up).

My guess is that they're trying to figure-out how to ambush Rocky on the show. They know that since he's a politician, he knows just about all of their tactics: talking-over him, shouting, incoherent-babbling, switching-the-subject/going off-topic, quick-cuts to a commercial--but there are only so-many they can field before he's going eat-them-alive. No, this is not some "Joe Hill" (or the Indigo Girls, who suck) singing homo.

Anderson's armed with the truth, he's angry, and he's skilled at taking-on people in a debate. But, I don't think it's going to happen...ever. Fox News is over, done. America's Funniest Home Videos has better-ratings (it's syndicated, 24/7 like they are). I'm wondering when that show gets it's own lobbying and political party? The wimpy-wimpy, nice-nice approach of "please sir" doesn't work, that's for the drum-circle crowd (white people without rhythm, principles, or brains). It's time to kick some asses-in. Get angry.