Friday, March 23, 2007


"Stupidity is better kept a secret than displayed."
--Heraclitus, fragment 109, Haxton translation, 2001.

I've been following this one casually for over a two-years, and it just gets funnier: aging Terry McMillan goes to Jamaica, gets her groove on (and writes a lousy book on it that's semi-autobiographical, then made into a boring movie...), and finds later that her Jamaican husband is gay. He tells her so, hoping-for some "amicable solution," but McMillan explodes in a tirade of harassment and clearly homophobic-attacks on the man. Most of it occurs via their answering machines. The has some great highlights of this, and it appears that McMillan is dead-set on harassing Jonathan Plummer.

Who's telling the truth? Certainly, it appears that Plummer is being more forthright, and his documentation of McMillan's messages are extremely-detailed, lending them a lot of credibility. McMillan claims she too has messages from Plummer, but appears not to be providing any evidence--she even paints herself as a victim, which is peculiar considering she's providing all the ammunition any critic of behavior could want. There's more to all of this: McMillan illustrates the deep-seated homophobia in Black America, one that I have witnessed first-hand on several-occasions. I have had a number of Black men tell me they would kill a relative they found to be a homosexual, and it's not an uncommon attitude in Black and subproletarian culture.

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