Thursday, March 29, 2007


Washington D.C.--And so, without the 2/3rd's majority vote, no compromises on the provisions and amendments, this budget is doomed. We can be thankful. For once, President Bush finally has to use a veto for what it's used for--a genuinely adversarial-relationship between the Executive and Congress. The vote was 51-47, and is primarily along partisan lines. This is good for a democracy, and the deadlock ensures there will be no budget for further-incursions and occupations in Iraq, Afghanistan, as well as the much hoped-for invasion of Iran.

Speaking of vetoes: Both China and Russia will veto any military adventures against Iran in the UN Security Council. This is what the UN is for, mainly. It exists to check the power of renegade nations like the United States. It's there to check the powers of any nation or regime that aspires to violate the sovereignty of another nation. Again, please, do veto this appropriations bill, Mr. President. It's the one decent act of your entire pointless, destructive, and annoying tenure in the office you stole. Go away. Most sensible Americans never wanted you in the White House, and we should have had general strikes to remove you back in 2000. Your time is long-overdue for removal. The time is now to do it.