Monday, March 26, 2007

The Lull Before the Storm...

Washington D.C.--Well folks, this is it. It's all in the hands of Congress now to deal-with this criminal administration. Already, on Sunday, we've had three GOP senators express dismay at the lies of Attorney General Gonzales and the Bush administration in-general. There isn't much to add, it's time to dance. Yes, Bill Clinton was impeached on-paper, which doesn't amount to much. If you don't have criminal-convictions, and if you don't run out a crooked office-holder and his cronies, you've accomplished nothing. As we all know, Bush II will pardon a gauntlet of his own people towards the end of his second-term, and Congress will do-its-best to make any investigations and hearings as slow as possible. This is because they want that same ability to break-the-law within the structures of the Executive.

The crisis of America is far-deeper than most of us are willing to admit, while in the backdrop, the economy is crashing. We're $150 billion dollars in foreclosures on mortgages. This is just one aspect, and there can only be a political solution to all of this--if Congress is willing to listen to we, the American people. Some of the problem is that they've listened too-much. We're a greedy culture, fixated on possessions and material-objects that are basically-worthless towards any meaning in our lives. We don't know how to live. Other cultures do, and it's because their lives are lived more-simply than ours.

We aren't responsible enough as a culture to live in this technological environment we've created, not at all. As usually happens, it will take a catastrophe--or twelve--to wake us up. Will it be in-time? As an existentialist, I don't really care, and what's going to happen based on our past-decisions is going to happen regardless of whether we "like" it or-not. This place could use some excitement anyway, and it will be entertaining to watch a lot of greedy, shallow individuals become declassed--and violently. You have to take-away everything from a man for him to realize the good-things that he had, and America has generally fit-the-bill on that count. We have never risen-to-occasion without our collective backs-to-the-wall. That's typical of most nations and groups. American isn't anything special, and never was.