Monday, March 12, 2007


--You know it was Rahm Emanuel and his faction in the House. Granted, Israel has a right to feeling secure, but Palestinians also have right to a homeland with access to water, roads, and a communications and civil infrastructure. That's a lot of shoulds. Now these twerps in the House have watered-down what the public really wants: an end to this pointless-war.

I don't blame Speaker Pelosi, nor do I blame Maxine Waters, and all the other of the 71 in Congress, but let's just sign the more moderate bill as a step-forward. None of this would have been possible with the GOP-majority, not ever.

But with conservative and moderate Democrats refusing to consider a faster timetable or a cutoff of war funding, party leaders have had to steer a more centrist course on Iraq. They point to polls that show the public opposes cutting off funding or revoking President Bush's authority for the war but backs bringing home troops by next year. They argue that their measure can at least make Bush report to Congress any time he deploys a unit that doesn't meet training or readiness standards, or has not spent at least a year at home between tours. Some left-of-center Democrats say they recognize their party's delicate position, and are coming around to the idea of supporting an Iraq measure that falls short of what they want. (AP, 03.12.2007)
I am 100% certain that Joe Donnelly, my representative, has helped in the scuppering of this. I can forgive him for now as a freshman legislator, but when the meltdown comes to Iraq, he's going to have line-up with the 71 anti-war representatives in Congress.

If he and all the others don't, they had best remember that the 2nd District will be calling him back home to South Bend. He can run his business again, eat ice cream in bed, build a ship in a bottle, go fishing, grow a second prostate, real mover-and-shaker
stuff. That'll learn ya.'

One has to understand that you cannot rush any of this. The openings will come of their own accord, and that a misstep can result in the war continuing much-longer than it needs to. But I frankly believe that events on the ground in Iraq are going to decide all of this. We're going to have to lose, and that is what we are doing right now. The Democratic majority didn't lose anything today, this is just how politics works.

They still have the provision of a withdrawal today, which is the reason for Cheney's lame-remarks that the anti-war caucus "are telling the enemy simply to watch the clock and wait us out." A ten-year-old could smell this for the B.S. it is. This--according to AP--is the gridlock within the DNC:

Public opinion has swung the way of Democrats on the issue of the war. More than six in 10 Americans think the conflict was a mistake —the largest number yet found in AP-Ipsos polling. But Democrats have struggled to find a compromise that can satisfy both liberals who oppose any funding for the military effort and conservatives who do not want to unduly restrict the commander in chief. (AP, 03.12.2007)
Restrict the commander in chief? Are you nuts?! Of course he needs to be restricted, you morons. There are claims that the public doesn't want funding to be cut--prove it, what is this poll? We get no name for who did it from AP. Perhaps it was the "mystery man" who gave a press conference in Airforce Two for Vice President Cheney. Who was that guy? Must have been that guy who ejected all those activists from GOP events. You know, the one who said he was a Secret Service agent, when he really wasn't.

Or all those mysterious people who obstructed people--mostly Black and poor--from voting throughout the United States in 2000, 2002, and 2004? Oh yeah, and they tried it in 2006 too. The people who made a truckload full of voting-records in Florida in 2000 vanish, and then to magically-reappear hours later. Who are those guys (and where are the investigations)? What I find most-disturbing, however, is the attempt at scaring the Israelis into a conflict with Iran. It won't work, and it's unknown if either nation would still be standing after a full-on war.

It would be a disaster that I don't want to see happen to Israel and Iran, they are both nations that can be great together, with incredible contributions to world culture, and peaceful solutions are possible. The Bush administration wants war, while the world doesn't. This is a no-brainer, and Iran has a right to its own domestic nuclear power. They deserve to have energy independence, just as does Israel, America, Venezuela, Georgia and Armenia, or any other nation. This is the right to self-determination in its truest-form.