Wednesday, March 21, 2007


CBSUNIVERSE--Hey, CBS. Don't think I didn't notice you wouldn't cover the Senate vote (94-2) yesterday stripping the White House and AG Gonzales of the ability to fill vacant US Attorney posts without consulting them in Congress first. Why do you suck so badly at reporting the news? It's obvious why you're number three: people are noticing the disconnect in your reporting (and what goes unreported, like this vote) against news on the internet. Not even Katie Couric (or the public's irrational emotional-connection with her) is going to save your plummeting-ratings. But take-heart--it's an historic opportunity to have a real news department again, one that doesn't turn-a-profit. Yes, 60 Minutes ruined the news, I saw the Frontline series. The series is extraordinary and should be watched by all Americans.

The only thing that can fix this is law. There has to be a rollback of all the laws since Reagan that have allowed the deregulation of the FCC and the airwaves that are owned by the public, collectively. We can also fix our elections by making all political campaigning-ads for all legitimately-registered candidates FREE from any charges. That's right, the media's owners have neglected their public-responsibilities, and so did Congress during Reagan, Bush I, Clinton, and Bush II. A good start would be to make the Fairness Doctrine a law. But that can only be a start. There can no-longer be media conglomerates in a free society, but much of our news can be nationalized like in Canada and the UK. As we now know, things are completely totalitarian in Canada, eh. I was there man, I saw it. It's like East Germany in Toronto, trust me.

To their credit, Democrats in Congress attempted real reforms in the FCC in 1988 and 1993, but it was scuppered by a number of conservative incumbents and the GOP. You know, some of the same people who want to prolong the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. But they have something in-common with CBS: they all protect the president, to their eternal shame. History will not be kind to those who protected George W. Bush, and the judgements are already coming-in from the scholars. But all of this is why you're number three. Soon, nobody will watch CBS for news, and all those advertising dollars will be gone. Katie will also be gone, but that's life. We, the public, can put you all out to pasture if we have to. All we have to do is ignore you, stop-buying many of the products of your advertisers--or simply get our news from Europe and the rest of the world if we have to. Either way, reforms are coming, and they're going to stick. The party is over.