Monday, March 12, 2007


Salt Lake City, Utah
--It happened on the same-day that the cancellation story broke, when some resident of SLC who has a brain-malformation told him to do it. It's never going to happen, and here's why: "I think we need to be discussing this throughout this land however we can. I think Sean Hannity will have trouble in a debate format where there are rules, and he can't hang up on people."
(AP, 03.09.2007) They should realize that the mayor really will eat this turd alive, and having some shill call in to save your ass to KSL radio just isn't going to work. Sean Hannity, you are a low-life, lily-livered punk. You are the original SLC punk.

You're Jeff Gannon, a male hustler for rich homosexuals, a bitch. You're a towel-boy at a gay bath house. A twit, a moron, and a whore. The mayor of SLC is going to kick-your-ass--hell, he already has. You are not a man, you are a child, and your listeners are emotionally retarded children who weren't beaten enough by their authoritarian parents. In short: fuck you Sean Hannity, and your stupid whorish ilk.

and your listeners prove that stupidity, venality, and greed thrive in America today. It's idiots like you that make us all look simple and malevolent throughout the entire civilized world. I wouldn't bother to kick-your-ass, because you aren't worth the energy.
You are beneath me, the mayor, and all good Americans, you scumbag. Get a real job, you are nothing.

That's why Fox's Hannity producers cancelled the appearance--I
would wager that old Roger Aisles made that call originally, knowing you're a little inarticulate, ignorant-twerp without any balls or brains. All you have is a mouth, the part your masters love best. It won't happen, and if it does, they're making-sure that it's not going to be nationally-televised. But, it's not going to happen, these people are straw dogs who are scared-shitless to leave their studios where they can act any way they want, and have civil guests ejected by their moronic, lawless security. That's known as being pathetic and afraid.

Sean Hannity, may your intestines liquefy, may your bad-case of syphilis-of-the-soul finally destroy what's left of your mind. Children will mock you as you walk like a robot through the streets from the corkscrew virus eating-up you spinal cord.

Individuals like yourself deserve to be homeless, and I and others pledge to make this a reality. We're going to crush you scumbags with the might of our numbers--millions of us who despise and loathe your very existence in the country we love so much, and who hate to see it destroyed by whores like you. We took care of the last brew in Congress, and we're not done with that institution yet, we're going to take all of you operatives and your posh lives and wreck them.

America isn't special, but if we blow it, there's no hope for humanity. You are the problem.

But, it appears that mayor Anderson has already done half-the-work for us, you dirty little twit, you little faggot (there's nothing wrong with being gay, but you are a faggot). They know it would be a disaster to confront someone like Anderson, which is why they never do so off their own turf. Notice how you're the only one who's accepted the debate challenges of Rocky? That's because they're not as stupid as you are. Stupid Rush Limbaugh (though not as stupid as his listeners he despises), Annie "the Tranny" Coulter--you and all those idiots I never listen to, are afraid. Suffer, you little asshole.

Sean Hannity, fuck you and the rest of
like you. Start packing, and filling your offshore bank accounts, we want you out. And remember this: unless the debate is nationally televised on Fox News, it didn't happen. That was the deal that you blew...besides Roger Aisles and Karl Rove. But, most of Hitler's S.A. (Brownshirts) were homosexuals, so consider that you all share their company.