Monday, March 05, 2007


'MERICA--That's right, the Financial Times is reporting that lock-step Americans have stopped-buying those annoying "Support Our Troops" ribbon-magnets. The company that manufactured them has a stockpile of one million of them. I guess that'll learn ya':

Magnet America, the largest manufacturer of the product, has seen sales fall from a peak of 1.2m in August 2004 to about 4,000 a month and now has an unsold stockpile of about 1m magnets. “We have enough supplies to meet demand for years to come,” said Micah Pattisall, director of operations. “Every product has a lifespan and this one has run its course.” ...Yellow ribbons were first displayed widely in support of kidnapped US diplomats during the Iranian hostage crisis in 1979.
(Financial Times, 03.02.2007)

I guess they just don't want to support our troops anymore. Imagine that. It must be a horrible psychological-sensation to be wrong so much. How does it feel to be so stupid as to think putting one of those moronic magnets on your gun-rack equipped truck, Hummer, or Toyota meant anything? Question: how do you all lift a fork to your mouths to eat? Maybe you should have the right to vote. Ahhh, the Iranian hostage crisis--another bunch of B.S. to get dumb Americans stoked-up about nothing. 53 Embassy employees held for over-a-year, and I bet at least one was CIA--so what? Thanks for: Reagan, Bush I, Clinton, and Bush II, America, all testaments to your collective-stupidity.

Hey, at least flags sell. We have a flag pole in our yard. I haven't hoisted old glory up since this war began, and might never do it again. Why? Shame for my country, and the twits who populate it. "Support our troops." How about defining this. Sure, I know, you and all your goober friends all agree with one another, so there's no real challenge to all of you licking each other's ass. I am that challenge, and you are all wrong, stupid, and pathetic reactionaries without a spine.

You're conformists who barely have the right to draw-breath on this rock, but I wager that this helps in one's success in this pseudo-nation, this failed-state. Greed and stupidity have fueled America, but it can only go so far. Magnet America's plummet in sales can also be ascribed to sales lost to (drum-roll please): China, the nation who has been backing Bush's loans to fund the war in Iraq! They're all making-a-fortune off of your ignorance and stupidity, and business is good...or at least it was at Magnet America. That's OK, you (and they) will find another worthless-cause to follow, and blindly. The problem is, I and the others who aren't like you have to live in this world too.

What's interesting is that this story isn't new to Magnet America--sales were already plummeting in late-2004, early-2005. Interestingly, it appears the fad was substantially over by late-2003! But, oh wait, Magnet America found something else you twits will buy: Christian-themed car magnets and other hoopla.

By October [2003], some of those new products appeared on Magnet America's website -- a magnetic fish, designed as an alternative to the bumper stickers popular with Christian drivers; a magnetic version of the Ten Commandments; and a magnetic Christmas wreath, with the Support Our Troops message. The products are doing well -- though not nearly as well as the ribbons, the brothers say. (, February, 2005)

What a shame. You have to feel-sorry for someone who exploits the misery and suffering caused by an imperialistic--and illegal--invasion of another country. One has to wonder if support was beginning to erode throughout the nation by late-2003--or if there was any substantial-support ever. Thanks again, you were all wrong. No sympathy here for Magnet America. Dummies. What a great American model of economic stability, those guys in North Carolina. Boom or bust, a great way to run an economy (into-the-ground). Meanwhile, Congress's and the anti-war movement's moral cowardice allows the war to continue. Got any stickers and magnets for that one?, February 2005:

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