Thursday, March 08, 2007


WASHINGTON D.C.--This is truly impressive, I must say. They're acting as an opposition-party should in a democracy, and this is from someone who doesn't consider themselves a Democrat (though I vote for them, usually). Is the timing-of-withdrawal political? Of course, and that's OK. Every move this administration and the former GOP-majority made was politically-motivated. That's politics folks, get over it.

This is how the system is supposed to work--it has to be adversarial in a democracy, it has to ugly and contentious for it to work and for all of us to have our liberties. We cannot always get-along and lockstep. Frequently, the desire for unity is anti-democratic, but this is ending. Finally, belatedly, this is ending. And so is the GOP's monopoly on public-opinion that they're "strong on security." This is a dead-contention.

The best-part of the bill is that if Al-Maliki's government doesn't start delivering and show some coherency and independence, then the withdrawal commences earlier than Fall of 2008! Thank you God, thank you Jesus! This war is destroying the soul of America, and it has to end soon. We're seeing the first-steps, this is so heartening. It's beginning to feel like Spring in America, a new day. We can thank the Iraqi people for holding-out, for wearing this criminal administration down.

If we had won this war early-on (truly won it), we would have almost no-rights in this nation today. Their power would have been almost unapproachable. Remember: the Bush administration and the GOP attempted to seize total power. Harsh-penalties and reforms as law have to be enacted, and we might have to dismantle them as a party, splintering them into a "thousand points of light." Pun-intended. There is a lot of work to do, and this Congress is proving that it is ready to do this work.