Monday, March 05, 2007


Yes, old news, but it's now available, so buy it now. Justin K. Broadrick's amazing new entry can be heard at this link in streaming audio. It is awe-inspiring, genuine, and fresh. That makes it unlike 99.9999999999999999999% of all new music out there. Once again, Justin couldn't obtain his customs and work visas, probably arising from the 1991 "Grindcrusher tour", when he and Benny Green weren't provided visas by then-label Earache. Ah yes, Earache, the label that doesn't pay any of the guys from Napalm Death their proper royalties (mechanicals). "So what?" you say? Earache wouldn't exist without the early-incarnations of Napalm Death. The majority of all music labels are crooks who should be jailed for theft and extortion, and there should be stricter laws that protect artists and their creations. But word gets out...

Take Invisible records (please), Martin Atkins' once-proud imprint of the 1990s. A number of artists once on that label have told me horror-stories of how they were never paid, or if at all, it wasn't reflective of actual sales. Atkins even released a cd-set of Psychic TV without the authorization of one Genesis P-Orridge. One has to wonder how-many times he's done this. Buyer, beware, the over-the-counterculture wants all your money. I know most Americans know bullshit when they see it, so trust your first-instinct, trust your intuition, it's usually correct. It served us well when we were bare-asses in the Veldt, it got us all this far. Apply it to relationships too, it works.

Support artists directly--hell, send them some money, they need it. Thanks to the internet, we can trade-notes on who might be an exploitative-thief. It appears that it's getting some results. Royalties: kids, get a degree in accounting like Gibby Haynes. Listen to bands like ISIS and Jesu, and make your own music. Ignore the mainstream culture, and ditch the labels. Make your own culture. Quit listening to your "friends," they're twats. That's how culture is supposed to work, not having it spoon-fed to you like a drooling-idiot.