Sunday, July 15, 2007


Arlington, Virginia--Speculation is useless on this one. However, it has a possible significance. It's the phone number of the Arlington County Jail. The call was made by Pamela Martin & Associates on December 28th, 2000. It's on page 5 of the file "ATT January 22 2001-December 27 2001." The call is 1.3 minutes, at 2:14 PM, with no repeats in the next few days. In fact, there aren't any significant calls to Arlington until around March of 2001--to the National Science Foundation.
Another file for another period has a hotel in closest proximity to the Pentagon. Many, many others are hotels that surround Annapolis one named the "Sheraton Barcelo Hotel"), while there are sundry academics, doctors, and even law firms represented. This is just from random searches. A number of private foundations are also in the 2001 phone records. So are a lot of average private citizens who, unfortunately, will be caught-up in some of this. J-7 has no intention of dragging them or any employee of Pamela Martin & Associates into the spotlight. Unfortunately, others already are [Ed., 10.04.2009: Like CLG and Lori Price].

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