Wednesday, July 18, 2007

On the so-called "new" terror-threats (He spoke in a Pythia-voice)

wArSHINtuHn--It's hard for anyone to believe you when you've been crying wolf for nearly six years. That's no one's fault but the Bush administration's and their allies in Congress and in the media. People like Judy Miller and Robert Novak, and many-many more, particularly owners of the mainstream media who are giving the marching orders. The worst aspect is, so long as they're still in-office (and afterwards with the media), we're unsafe thanks to these facts. There's a reason why you don't cry "Wolf!" The parable's theme should be obvious, but not if you're someone who has no sense of self-reflection.

If you have any intellect whatsoever, it's clear that when Homeland Security Chief Michael Chertoff says he "has a hunch" that Al-Qaida--or somebody, anybody--is going to attack soon, that he's probably being told to lie under pressure. Perhaps we'll find his phone number in Ms. Palfrey's phone records--and that he was being blackmailed by someone in the Bush administration. Or perhaps he just checked how the crow flies, or how much moss was growing on the trees outside his home, and on which side. No-dice on the Pythia's lair, it was destroyed ages ago, and it's doubtful Chertoff was doing a sweat lodge somewhere in the Southwest (though he could use it, clearly). Then again, he could have checked the entrails of a goat for the signs. Let's face it: you can trust a goat's guts better than the Bush administration. So mote it be.


  1. If Al Qaida really is stronger, then the Bush Administration has failed at the main thing it claims is its highest mission.

    Of course, even the Bush people, in a National Intelligence Estimate, have admitted that the war in Iraq is helping out Al Qaida's terrorist recruitment and training efforts.

  2. Very good points, agreed. As we all know, there's a gulf between claims (rhetoric) and overarching-goals and outcomes. One can usually gauge what they wanted by the results, unless they've been thwarted--but remember that losing-is-winning in our modern bureaucratic world, which is probably why the mess in Iraq will continue for at least another year. Minimum.