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Annapolis, Maryland
--Is she with ONI (Office of Naval Intelligence), or is she just another poor soul caught-up in a legal mess? Is an intel root-system being uncovered, one-by-one? It's interesting how many of these people have direct-access to power and security clearances, but then, many of Palfrey's clients were going to be well-heeled. This is why some of the outed have answering to do, including Randall L. Tobias. The media didn't report the name of the Naval Officer anywhere that this researcher could locate. Consider these possible factors:

--Unknown female is an Naval Officer at Annapolis, ostensibly as an "instructor." Intelligence operatives usually have a cover job, and other capacities. It could be nothing.

--It's even money that she's one of the "confidential informants" accusing Deborah Jeane Palfrey in prosecution papers. This would be one of the reasons why her identity would be cloaked by prosecutors. The other alternative is that she's a "cooperating witness," which could make her impeachable.

--If she's ONI, prosecutors might be in a legal-quandary if they were aware of it, as breaking-her-cover could be illegal.

--She's working-directly with the prosecution.

--As part of her possible intel-connections, she could have been employed out of The National Maritime Intelligence Center (NMIC) in Suitland, Maryland.
ONI operates centrally out of Suitland. No indication of it, but who knows?

And then there's the Baltimore Sun story from today that also appears to confirm these suspicions, rather than dispel them:
The sources said the woman worked for several years at the academy, in a senior, non-faculty position. Her name is splattered throughout the records,'’ Palfrey said. “We would not talk to each other if the girl wasn’t working.'’ The woman did not return phone messages left at a number listed as hers Friday. Her attorney responded to an e-mail sent to her and said neither she nor he would comment. Hundreds of Annapolis telephone numbers and dozens of others from Maryland cities such as Baltimore, Glen Burnie, Severna Park, Columbia and other areas appear on the phone records, which Palfrey has posted on a Web site. (Baltimore Sun/AP, 07.23.2007)
Name please? Why no name? Surely, they know it, so why not reveal it so we all know who she is? We'll know much better then if she's significant, or just another employee of Ms. Palfrey who got caught-up in some dragnet. And so we now know:

--She already has an attorney, virtually confirming she's been popped for something and is a "cooperating witness," not a "confidential informant" (only de facto).

--The mainstream media might be afraid of a lawsuit if she's ONI, or possibly an operative for some other intelligence agency. It could be illegal to do so, like in the case of Valerie Plame. Or, it could be nothing, she was simply caught doing something unrelated to her job with Pamela Martin & Associates that was illegal.

--She worked for several years at Annapolis in several capacities. It's unclear how-long the Naval Academy knew she was an employee of Deborah Jeane Palfrey. [Ed.-I'm told she's a supply officer.]

--She's still employed by the Navy, meaning that aside from what they already know about her from the Justice Dept. (which is a lot since all these agencies can communicate with each other better since 9/11), her activities with Pamela Martin & Associates were acceptable, or forgivable. The question is, why?

Baltimore Sun/AP Today:

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