Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Rent-a-Troll! (Steve Canyon's employers/gods?)

WWW-In case you were naive enough to believe there aren't private and government programs linked to the GOP in disrupting progressive sites, blogs, and chat rooms--you were mistaken. DailyKos has a great piece on the turd who runs this business, and his Republican credentials are solid. He even ran for office as one in the 1980s. The ad says-it-all: hire us to attack sites that have opposing-views to your particular agenda, or pose a PR-threat. Do they serve NAMBLA? Of course they serve the RNC--and anyone flashing money. One has to wonder if they really do have other nefarious clients (Mark Foley?).The graphic below is from their online magazine.

The list of clients on Kos is unlikely to be complete, and one can rest assured that the founder--Alan Locke--that he tends towards the right, but then, so do a lot Democratic politicians. The site also has links to groups that service the DNC, which Kos should have pointed-out...but that's what I'm here for. Someone should check if his number is in the Pamela Martin & Associates phone records. His number for Winning Campaigns is: 703-534-5645. And how interesting--Daily Kos has a post on how they've been getting-hit by trolls lately. Winning Campaigns (dumb name) is hardly the only institution out there disrupting the internet.

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