Monday, July 23, 2007

703-836-0522: Ron Roughead's phone number still gone from today --And nobody can cross-reference it there now, either. Like I said, it could take a bigger-fix than most of us would assume. I'm still wondering if their site was hacked, frankly, it's not impossible. "Sam Eardth" (the name that never occurred in Western history until they created it) continues to e-mail me, but they've been blocked. Pretty stupid folks, they should have colored outside-the-lines occasionally in their lousy rote education. I assume they'll feebly attempt at getting another kiss-ass yahoo account to continue their feeble-attempts at intimidating me. It's never going to work, but it's Eardth Day everywhere, hurrah! Al-Jazeera have been sent Roughead's name-and-number since the American media are essentially worthless. They aren't alone. Repeated e-mails to the Toronto Star, Dutch National Radio, AP,, the Toronto Daily News, (no surprise there), and even the Guardian have elicited no responses whatsoever. There have been several others. Not even Stern in Germany will respond.

This echoes Ms. Palfrey's remarks in court documents that this all reaches into "the upper echelons of power" in America, and that power has reach. Ownership of media is more concentrated than it's ever been in human history. Any-and-all attempts at intimidation will be posted here in toto, including all the other forms and approaches. Certain media will also be informed of any harassment directed at J-7 members. It will also be reported to local authorities, and the courts if it crosses-the-line. I have to give Inside Edition credit--they actually responded. Perhaps I was too rough on Mr. Berkowitz (not David, though, he's a nut). This is a real twilight moment for all Americans. Very little on this site is taken from anywhere but the internet, with a dial-up connection. Consider that the mainstream media has greater resources than I.

It took me a mere eight-hours to locate Mark Capansky's and Ron Roughead's number. One-person, alone. If I'm guilty of anything, it would be thoughtcrime, and we all know where that leads. Maybe the people I'm outing don't realize that they're mere-cogs in what could be an emergent totalitarianism in America. They need to start reflecting on this possibility, be good, patriotic Americans, and do what's right for once in their lives. They need to tell the public what they have done, and what they have seen. You cannot have a democracy when the people are kept in-the-dark. Stalin once said, "Knowledge is power." He knew better than anybody. To all others researching the phone records of Pamela Martin & Associates: you are fully in-your-rights to publish these numbers and your findings online, it's part of the public record, courtesy of the ruling of Judge Gladys Kessler allowing their release.

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