Saturday, July 21, 2007

Obama Girl: thanks for allowing the mainstream media to white-out important stories

Youtube--Where are the intelligent women, the fighters? No, I don't mean the bourgie wannabe suck-ups who model themselves after Gloria Steinem (starfuckers/social-climbing scumbags)--nobody gives-a-shit what that name-brand of pseduo-feminism thinks. Again....imagination? I know, you had it flogged out-of-you by the American (mis)educational system, but you also made it too easy for your warders. I colored outside the lines. Where was I...imagination: NONE present in the clip, it's just annoying and embarrassing. Oh yeah, and it basically says nothing whatsoever. Why do you women wish to embarrass yourselves and myself so badly? The stupid woman who's in this idiotic clip on Youtube is a twit. Anyone who saw any importance in it is a twit. All I wanted was for someone to throw water on her t-shirt, that's it. Like Anna Nicole Smith, her tits were big enough to hide the disintegrating war in Iraq and Afghanistan. Rah-rah-rah.

She just wanted to be famous, yet show not one iota of imagination or creativity in what can really be done with the medium they used. Pathetic, and no talent whatsoever. Garbage. Excrement. CNN spent AN ENTIRE WEEKEND blah-blah-blahing over this dumbass clip. This is how much journalism has degraded when you allow business to intrude so deeply into the field. What crap. This is truly the age of the shibboleth, and an American Weimar moment. If there are future generations, they'll ask--as we often do: "Why were they so stupid? Were they crazy? What was wrong with them?" Irony can be kind of ironic sometimes. I'm still waiting for Alan Keyes to implode up his own asshole, he's cultural anti-matter ("Burroughsian" enough?). Any day now...

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