Thursday, July 26, 2007

New Development in the Case of Murdered Asst. U.S. Attorney Jonathan Luna --Investigative journalist and author William Keisling is reporting that Jonathan Luna's dad has contacted the Lancaster County, Pennsylvania coroner who conducted the original autopsy for more answers. The murder remains unsolved, and Luna's body was found in an area of the state that can only be described as an organized crime domain. That's just one aspect of the story, which could include "bad actors" in the FBI, and the political structures of Maryland and Pennsylvania. It's a bad-day in America when a bright, basically idealistic and honest man like Luna can be murdered simply for doing his job (and-then-some, he could be a hero according to Mr. Keisling's incredible book, "The Midnight Ride of Jonathan Luna"). What's certain is that the FBI is still out-of-control. It's likely that they could still be targeting Black communities for disruption (by-design), just as they did under J. Edgar Hoover. This would make Luna's murder all-the-more despicable. Who murdered the Asst. U.S. Attorney, and why? Head to the link above, and you'll know more.

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