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Alexandria, Virginia--Another name, another few-hours. This is a good one. He's been connected with propaganda campaigns in Iraq, was once an "Army Colonel Defense Attache," and has even testified before congressional committees. He's worked for CENTCOM operations in various capacities, and was Chief of the Kenya United States Liaison Office from as early as 1996-to-1999. He worked at the American Embassy, a place where spies never work, not ever. Ronnie's retired now, working for SAIC...or is he?

It's unclear if Roughead is currently serving with SAIC, but he briefed the House Intelligence Committee on the dangers and uses of the internet and video games allegedly modified (for recruiting purposes) by Al-Qaida, amongst other things on May 4th, 2006, cagily representing SAIC. A video game--probably a fraud authored by Pentagon disinfo campaigns that were created by Donald Rumsfeld--is ostensibly called "Sonic Jihad." The dialog and voice-overs are in English.

Here's some of Ron's testimony from last year over anti-American propaganda on the internet and throughout Iraq (get the coffee out):

REP. MAC THORNBERRY (R-TX): Thank you, Mr. Chairman. I guess the first question that comes to my mind is, can y'all help us understand the availability of the Internet, and therefore these products to a variety of target audiences? I mean, to what -- I understood the demographics that you said, and certainly -- say Muslims in Europe, where there is widespread Internet access, would be able to get to those things. But what about in Iraq? What about in other places in the Middle East? How widely available is Internet access so that they can get to these things?

MR. ROUGHEAD: I think the point that we've tried to make in the briefing is that wherever there's Internet availability at all, they can then download these -- these programs and put them onto compact discs, DVDs, or post them into posters, and provide them to a greater range of people in the oral tradition that they've grown up in. And so they only need a few Internet sites in order to distribute and disseminate the message.We see this happening regardless of whether the country that the program is has a great number of Internet sites or not. Availability of the Internet throughout the countries that they're targeting is enough that they can get their product out.

REP. THORNBERRY: So a -- statistics say that 25 percent of whatever of the households have Internet access does not limit the dissemination of this message to that percentage of the population because of the oral tradition, and they take it and spread it from there. [Ed.--correct, they don't need the internet to disseminate their message, and we refuse to speak their language or to understand their culture. So much for the point of the hearings...]

MR. ROUGHEAD: Absolutely correct. And if you think of this as being a modern version of telling stories to people in their village, they can now take the picture -- the video that was taken of a sniper shooting of a U.S. soldier, put that on CD and distribute it on the streets tonight.

REP. THORNBERRY: In y'all's [Ed.-is this guy really Steve Canyon?] study, did you include a study of how media reports in the United States or media reports of what American politicians say is fed into this propaganda machine? I mean, obviously you had the example of the president's words. The emphasis on partition of Iraq made by think of statements somebody made this past week -- a member of the other body -- that it ought to -- that Iraq ought to be partitioned. Do they take that and turn it around and use it? And if so, how quickly?

MR. ROUGHEAD: It's interesting that we see them take some statements and turn them around immediately [Ed.-must be referring to the blogosphere here...]; sometimes we look at a statement that we think will be used and it's not used at all. More than that -- though that's not what our research is looking into; the research is more interested in where they find their product -- we can see that they get them from everywhere. [Ed.-my emphasis] We're not even sure that they don't even hack into the kinds of spaces that hold photographs in order to get pictures that our forces have taken.

REP. THORNBERRY: Let me just ask this lastly. You mentioned at the very end that this is a concerted plan. This is not just a few random folks or anything, but is it a centrally directed plan? Is there -- or not? How is this put together? It's amazing, of course, the consistency, the themes and messages. Obviously it's very sophisticated. Is somebody controlling this, or how does that work? How is that formulated?

MR. ROUGHEAD: We have a great deal of discussion over how much central control there is. (Federal News Service, 05.04.2006)

In other words, it's nothing to do with our policies that cause the deaths of tens-of-thousands, it's the dissemination of CDs, DVDs, modified videogames, etc, that brings individuals into-the-fold of terrorism. They--SAIC and the intelligence community Roughead comes from--don't even know if there's any co-ordination here (or anywhere). What a waste of time and money.

Meanwhile, Roughead gets paid what one could assume is a major paycheck for bloviating about nothing, and playing video games on all of our dimes. What he appears to be is some kind of intel chief/analyst, as well as someone running psy-ops/propaganda campaigns. Clearly, he's not good at his job. Good luck finding much detail on the phantasm known as Ron Roughead, though has a gaggle of links that aren't as useful as they should be. Information on the internet regarding Roughead is scarce, which is probably how he wants it (or even engineered it).
There's an Admiral Gary Roughead, and he's Commander of the US Fleets in Norfolk, Virginia. It's likely he would expedite a naval and air assault from the Persian Gulf in the event of an Executive order to strike Iran. Is he Ronald Roughead's brother? It appears so, and very deep web searches turn-up no other Ronald Rougheads in any directory listing in Virginia, and certainly nobody else of that name in Alexandria. There have been no answers thus far from the number.

Ron began his military career in the Marines, a branch of the U.S. Navy. It appears that both men have some experience in the intelligence community as well. Related? Who knows? Ron Roughead ran the IMN in Iraq, taking-over for Bob Teasdale in early-2005
. Roughead must still be working with SAIC, but it's unclear in what capacity. His phone number can be found in "Cingular, August 24 2005-December 1 2005, page 4. Hit it!

Ed.- Roughead's name pops-up as a phone number listing at the top-listing on google. THIS HAS TO BE OUR MAN, and the game is afoot. It's even money that he had a high-level security clearance at the time of his call (record is an incoming call), and could have exposed himself to potential blackmail by operatives working for any number of entities and insititutions, including foreign ones. At least he didn't phone from work like Sen. Vitter.

It should be noted that there is a "Roughead LLC" with their own site. While the Rougheads aren't a part of the firm anymore, the site had an interesting aside about the family name:

There is no relationship, other than historical, familiar, connections, with the Timken Company and The Roughead Company LLC. As a family, the Rougheads have Admirals, Colonels, Chemical Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Physicists, Actuaries, and Professors... all in four generations of American Life! A Cousin was a criminologist and Writer to the Signet, in the United Kingdom. (
The Guardian has been forwarded Mr. Roughead's number by J-7. You have to wonder if they'll do anything with it. Western media have been curiously quiet and reluctant to cover this...without being prodded sharply.Revised July 17th, 2007 (with postscript)


  1. Whilst runing 703 836 0522 through the site yesterday it produced a result .. today it doesn't.

    Could you provide more info to demonstrate this number is on Madame's List ?

  2. Read the article. One of Mr. Roughead's areas-of-expertise is controlling information on the internet. You're likely seeing this in-action. All the info you need is contained within the article.

  3. You need to google it. Thanks for the tip, though!