Saturday, July 21, 2007


wArShINtUhN DeE-CeE--Him bizZaro president. Him strong. Him never wrong. Him run-and-hide when 9/11 hit, and him have too-much foreknowledge of event. Him tell interceptor jets to stand down crucial first six minutes of attack? Him construct hims own private Army with Blackberry in Virginia. President Cheney, him tell Vice Preznent Bush to go-fuck-himself, long-ago:

"Me take all power. Even as body decaying, me stronger than American people, so him go have colonscopy," him say to 20% whack-jobs who think him still OK (because him blackmail and pay them).

Him strong. Public weak, ignorant, apathetic...but not for long. Him boss, you zeta-chimps, tomorrow him be liquefied-slime, worm meat. Nothing him can do about it, so him take every him out with him. Him going to invade Iran, put USSA under police state conditions if him get hims way. Him. Him Bolshevik, him real communist internal-threat. Him say that him will invade Iran, but him does not know that other hims throughout world will smash hims here. Him. What would him do without such indefatigable hims as Ronald Roughead, moron hims like Steve Canyons, Monica Goodling (woof!), "Sam Eardth" (did anyone ever have this fucking name in human history?), Maria Cuvillon & Joe Clark, Jeffrey A. Taylor, Gonzales--and all other troglodyte hims?

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