Thursday, September 24, 2009

WHEN: why doesn't the right call Bernie Sanders a socialist?

WWW--Oh right, someone, somewhere, did. I don't care about those other obscure assholes, I mean some famous asshole like Glen Beck, Limbaugh, or the whole Lollipop Guild chiming-in--even skirt chasing Jack Burkman and his desire to...uh, his desire.

Goddamned if I ever thought I'd miss William F. Buckley Jr., but I do. Do they even know what a socialist is?

Buckley did, and even though he himself was prone to red-baiting and calling people who weren't communists communists, and all the other permutations, he tended to have a higher accuracy count. No, whatever isn't socialist is socialist to the "New Right," throwing their tantrums and having their own 1960s. Luckily, it's going to end about the same way for them: a dystopian move towards hard drugs (already there!), cults (ditto), and even disco (not quite there yet). This is more a matter of profound ignorance about virtually everything.

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders is an acknowledged philosophical socialist, like myself. But how often has anyone called him that? Name that person, I defy you. Best of luck!

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