Thursday, September 10, 2009

Songs from the Site Meter: The return of the Sergeant at arms of the Senate over Sen. David Vitter!

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-You know, I and all the other watchdogs should be getting paid for this shit, just sayin'. So, they're still watching Vitter--as well they should, corrupt assholes like Davey are running amok these days. Meanwhile, Congress is shoving their own collective-thumbs up their own asses and doing barely anything-at-all, especially when it comes to cunts like Vitter.

I'm getting tired of this lack-of-accountability. If it continues I'm going to have to drag some of you fuckers into the streets with me to shout until these fuckers are tarred-n'-feathered, it's long overdue, we haven't had a good one in ages in America. With luck, Davey's still retaining Wiley, Rein and Fielding because he knows he's a dirty, greasy piece-of-shit and that he and his scumfuck counsel likely contributed to pushing the late DC Madam closer to suicide when they filed for attorney fees against her--that she'd have to pay for them once the smoke had cleared.

Here's to Vitter's continued legal expenses and him living in fear for the rest of his life because he cannot control himself, his member. It also wouldn't surprise me if his "peers" in the GOP knew he was a skirt-chaser and blackmailed him like many others in Congress and have forced him into servicing their nefarious agendas, really those of the ruling class at the end of the day. Sound like a system built on mud? It should.

These are the people YOU vote for, not me. So quit doing it, get smart, wise-up, use your dome. That's what it's there for. These dirty high powered law firms make a lot of this possible, with their revolving-doors in-and-out of the the corporate world and government. The time for radical reform has come. Demand it. Now. Quit waiting for someone else to do it, do it now, the time for waiting is over.

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