Thursday, September 03, 2009

Songs from the Site Meter: They're looking for Diana Oo, Democratic House Judiciary counsel

Site Meter--I wondered when someone, anyone, would notice. My question to Ms. Oo and whomever was looking-up on her is: why in the hell didn't you do anything to help the DC Madam (or people like Don Siegelman)? Are you stupid? Are you being blackmailed? Time to end the game, uphold the Constitution of the United States as you swore an oath to do.

Attorney Diana Oo was the one that Rep. Conyers and company sent, then they got cold feet and dicked-out on her and the rest of us in late 2007. Henry A. Waxman and his staffers did likewise. "We're interested, but we're not interested," they seemed to have been saying. That's called covering your ass so you can say you tried to do something when someone comes around asking later on. Without being too prolix...

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