Thursday, September 17, 2009

Newsflash: Indiana Voter I.D. law struck down

Indianapolis, Indiana--In what's going to be a blow to the right and the GOP, Indiana's voter I.D. law (P.L. 109-2005) requiring registered voters to produce a photo identification at polling places, while at the same time not requiring similar standards for mail-in votes, has been reversed unanimously as violating Indiana's State Constitution by a three member Court of Appeals of Indiana, it has been struck for now. Apparently Mitch Daniels and his Secretary of State have reading comprehension problems.

The appeals court found that the first ruling by the trial court upholding the law was in-error on the judge's part.
In-person voters are required to show a photo identification to prove who they are, but there are no requirements for an affidavit from mail-in voters. The ruling cited "inconsistent and partial treatment favoring absentee voters who choose to mail their votes" as the primary reason for its decision.Backers of the law said it curbs voter fraud. Those against the law contend that it keeps poor, older and minority voters from casting ballots. ("Court Throws Out Indiana Voter ID Law,", 09.17.2009)
Yes, Governor Daniels, someone who would stand to benefit from the poor, elderly, and minority voters being disenfranchised in elections has a major problem with the appeals court ruling and has called it "preposterous." I'm sure he knows that most of Indiana's homeless are veterans, the majority of them having served in the Vietnam war. Support our troops, pig, scarface. To disenfranchise minority voters is the real golden goose.

If anything, the bill had the subtext of being an "anti-nigger" bill and one decidedly against the poor and the vulnerable. But that's what a wolf does--goes for the stragglers, the weakest. Interestingly, the ruling cites an incident that occurred here in St. Joseph County:
...Further, the League alleged that in Marion County alone in the 2007 municipal election, 32 persons who submitted provisional ballots never produced a qualified form of identification and therefore their votes were not counted, despite the fact that “[m]ost of those voters had voted for several years at the same location.” (Appellant‟s App. p. 6). Additionally, the League alleged that in St. Joseph County, 12 nuns were not permitted “to cast a regular or provisional ballot” because they did not have the required form of identification. (Appellant‟s App. p. 6). In Count II, the League contended that the Voter I.D. Law conferred a privilege upon voters voting by mail-in absentee ballot because those voters did not have to comply with the identification requirements. (No. 49A02-0901-CV-40)
The nuns were eventually allowed to vote to put out the PR fire. Yes, they're going to appeal this ruling to the Indiana State Supreme Court, but I wouldn't be surprised if their own form of "judicial activism" fails.

Will that dissuade them? Nothing dissuades their ilk and their brand of anti-Americanism. After all, if you ask anyone, the majority of African Americans don't vote Republican and never will. However, right now, the GOP is the party of racism, the party of the extremist fifth columnist and theocratic and plutocratic fascism. Thank the League of Women Voters of Indiana and Indianapolis for this victory, let's hope it holds. To be sure, they're going to keep on fighting.

The question I have is: what business does a standing governor of a state have in leading the charge for an appeal to an appeal that so clearly violates the state constitution? At best, all they can attempt to do is to illustrate that there was improper procedure in the judicial process, the decision, and that it was decided incorrectly. That would be a technicality that won't even address the actual basis of the decision itself, but Daniels and the moronic Indiana GOP are crying like Baby Huey, so get the brat a pacifier, and quick. Who's going to file the appeal to the appeal? Whoever that is should be looked at very, very carefully, and that would be Daniels and company. Did I mention that Daniels has no charisma and a scar on his left-cheek and served as an economics adviser to George W. Bush in his first term? That advice must have been gangbusters, things are great in Indiana. He must have gotten that scar during his time as a collections man for organized crime, like Don King.

Look at most of the photos, he favors his right side...but we knew this. Crook. At least the consortium that bought the toll road he sold lost their asses over Madoff. What a C.R.E.E.P.

"Court Throws Out Indiana Voter ID Law,", 09.17.2009:

The ruling striking down Indiana's voter I.D. law:

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