Thursday, September 24, 2009

Corrupt Govt. contractor SAIC moving major operations closer to DC

Washington D.C.--You know, it's easier to bribe someone in-person, get real. Less of a paper trail, no compromising calls that can be monitored, and so on. The public really needs to know about these bastards, they really have slipped under the wire over the last forty years. SAIC is a defense contractor that does a lot of communications related work for the intelligence community and military.

They are truly a case for corporate military-industrial welfare run amok:

The state and county are providing a $3 million grant upfront and SAIC will be eligible for another $7 million after it expands. Dahlgren, who spoke at Thursday's formal announcement, said he will stay on the SAIC board as chairman and maintain his San Diego office, and sought to ensure employees there that the SAIC plans to grow its operations there. SAIC derives about three-fourths of its income from defense contracts. Its annual revenue exceeds $10 billion a year. The improvements to SAIC's northern Virginia campus coincide with a major redevelopment effort in Tysons Corner, where construction is under way to extend the region's Metrorail system to Dulles International Airport. ("Calif. defense contractor moving to Va.," AP, 09.24.2009)

How lovely for them. Providing any tax deferrments to a corporation that's employee-owned seems pretty cracked, but maybe that's just me. At best, SAIC's a fiefdom for the privileged, but rest assured that they're working on various intelligence programs that are spying on American citizens as I write this.
They also have what appear to be some very curious lobbying practices and employ some very strange people as operatives. SAIC comes up a few times in the phone records of the late DC Madam, and one of their operatives--Ret. Col. Ron Roughead, a former Defense Attache--made an unmistakable call three times on one day in late 2005. Clients of Pamela Martin & Associates were required to make multiple-calls to confirm a rendezvous with an escort. Col. Roughead has yet to explain the call, he's not talking, and neither is SAIC. So did the mistress of Iraq invasion architect and former World Bank president Paul Wolfowitz, Shaha Ali Riza. Not only that, but she and Col. Roughead worked for the Iraqi Media Network, a defense contractor boondoggle if ever there was one.

They should have a bake sale for the move, it might pad their bottom line. But now that they're moving closer to the primary source of their income, things should be rosier. These kinds of corporate fiefdoms are shelter from the rules of the marketplace. While the rest of us suffer under the dunderheaded economic policies of the establishment, these rich twits have their nice little castle system to hide within. I'd love to see a veritable army of the homeless tear their shiny buildings down, which wouldn't necessarily be so hard since many of them are veterans and have seen real combat.

Are they paid well? Do we even need SAIC? What do you think? I think SAIC shouldn't exist at all. Why do foreign operatives work there? In a time of economic crisis, the last thing SAIC should be getting is $8.5 million from the state of Virginia, it's outrageous, therefore, it must be done. Forget the fictional "Yo-yodyne," this is the real evil.

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