Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Does Fox News talking neck Chris Wallace covet the bum of Dick Cheney?

Faux Universe--He was preening, pawing, and only corrected the former VP once in the entire interview so as not to look like the obvious whore that he is, but nothing doing, Chris Wallace still came off like a whore to the powerful.

Worst of all: Wallace and Cheney were wearing virtually the same kind of pants and suit, just to let us know they're both of the same class, meaning
privileged criminals. You'd think Wallace was interviewing his favorite pop star, and in-essence, he didn't even need to be there prompting Cheney's rehearsed statements to save his own ass and to keep the criminal programs he helped create and authorize going. Wallace was just a prop, a stool to stand on while Cheney used Fox News (the only news network he watches, just read a past rider) as his personal soap box.

Is there a word for this? Don't get me wrong, I stand for sexual freedom and have no issues or problems with homosexuals and people being who they are...well, until it impinges on the rights of others, and that's what we have going on here with these morons. Wallace was literally feeding Cheney his cues, it couldn't have been a more baldly-staged event, call it guerrilla theater since it's obvious Cheney never got over the 1960s-70s:
...WALLACE: Do you think this was a political move not a law enforcement move?

CHENEY: Absolutely. I think the fact is, the Justice Department has already reviewed the inspector general's report five years ago. And now they're dragging it back up again, and Holder is going to go back and review it again, supposedly, to try to find some evidence of wrongdoing by CIA personnel.

In other words, you know, a review is never going to be final anymore now. We can have somebody, some future administration, come along 10 years from now, 15 years from now, and go back and rehash all of these decisions by an earlier administration.

WALLACE: Let me follow up on that. The attorney general says this is a preliminary review, not a criminal investigation. It is just about CIA officers who went beyond their legal authorization. Why don't you think it's going to stop there?

CHENEY: I don't believe it. We had the president of the United States, President Obama, tell us a few months ago there wouldn't be any investigation like this, that there would not be any look back at CIA personnel who were carrying out the policies of the prior administration. Now they get a little heat from the left wing of the Democratic Party, and they're reversing course on that.

The president is the chief law enforcement officer in the administration. He's now saying, well, this isn't anything that he's got anything to do with. He's up on vacation on Martha's Vineyard and his attorney general is going back and doing something that the president said some months ago he wouldn't do.

WALLACE: But when you say it's not going to stop there, you don't believe it's going to stop there, do you think this will become an investigation into the Bush lawyers who authorized the activity into the top policymakers who were involved in the decision to happen, an enhanced interrogation program?

CHENEY: Well, I have no idea whether it will or not, but it shouldn't. ...

I wish to God it wouldn't stop there, but President Obama doesn't have the balls or the principles to do much about it--that is, without immense public scrutiny and pressure, and he's getting it. The reality is that this isn't really a criminal probe at all, but you can learn a lot of Cheney's fears and create a road map of what should happen out of his very foolhardy statements. If you know one thing about criminals, it's that they tend to give away everything if you're listening closely enough, they're perverse. To be sure, he's scared shitless, and this talk of it being "political" just shows his contempt of the public, the people who are keeping this alive because they don't want torture done in their names, and because they know full well none of Bush II's programs were making them any safer.

Wallace's very leading questions don't remotely constitute journalism on any planet in any known universe, but I do think the ass-lick has a yen for Dick. Fine, but be honest, admit you're a sycophant and that your parents beat you and touched you inappropriately, then we can move forward rather than all of this looking back (in anger). Here's to the demise of the mainstream media and news networks, the time of reckoning has come for these bastards and their ilk. Give the man a microphone...again, and again, and again, and again, until nobody ever wants to hear him ever again (too late).

Americans will continue to have their backs pushed up against the wall and there won't be any choice left but to confront these problems, and that means strikes, demonstrations, and rallying against the program that is rocketing us towards the abyss. It's time to muster the winter soldiers, and that's not a call to violence, it's a call to civic duty. The time has come, now. But look at Cheney and his preening apparatchik, his dog, Chris Wallace, and know the face of human tyranny. It's an ugly, pathetic picture of humanity, isn't it?

The suits, and the damage done:

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