Thursday, September 17, 2009

...And yet, there's even more songs from the Site Meter: Bloomberg on Vitter

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--I sometimes post comments on Rawstory and yesterday was one of those days. David Vitter has been leading the charge on attacking ACORN. Yes, that detestable activist group that successfully registers the poor and disenfranchised (meaning many of them are probably VETERANS) so that they--brace yourselves--can vote in elections. I know, what an obvious threat to democracy.

But Davey's having problems with being able to trumpet over the "fake pimp and whore" who entrapped an incompetent ACORN employee since he undeniably called a prostitution service on multiple occasions over multiple years. It's unknow whether there were any multiple orgasms, but we can safely assume that none were experienced by Pamela Martin & Associates employees. Vitter's going to have a dead prostitute and madam to drag around for the rest of his life. He and the scumbags in D.C. used her up and threw her away and even threatened her with civil actions for defending herself in court against them and their dogs.

Her prosecution was politically motivated, period, to coverup for their sins. It had nothing to do with enforcing the law. Are you listening Postal Inspector Hines? You were used too, to hide the misbehavior of a corrupt moron like David Vitter, someone with their lips permanently-attached to the Devil's ass. Mr. Hines, you were actually used to protect a frat boy who couldn't--and we can presume nothing has changed here--control his dick. Things are heating up in Washington alright, even with autumn coming.

When I saw that Vitter didn't even vote on defunding ACORN, hadn't even shown up for it, I knew it was pretty telling and that this whole issue of a dead madam really does instill fear in him for his prospects next year. I'm not so sure he should worry considering the redneck idiots who keep electing him and twits like Bobby Jindal. Someone had sex with a prostitute? So long as Davey keeps bringing in the money to Louisiana for his rich, often pseudo-evangelical constituents who are so bad at business that they need to feed at the public trough, yet yell about people on welfare, so mote it be. The pirogue paddlers will come, and so will Davey. Send the fuckers to Angola State.

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