Monday, September 14, 2009

From today's OpEd News mailer: "OpEd news reporter arrested, jailed, charged with criminal conspiracy"

It's been a crazy weekend. Managing editor Cheryl Biren and I went to the Franklin Mills Mall where a demonstration opposing the Army Experience Center was taking place.

It was certainly an experience. We met up there with another OEN editor, Elaine Bower who was there as a demonstrator and protester.

Elaine and I participated in the demonstration. But Cheryl, the whole time, was there as a reporter and photographer.

When the time came when police began arresting protesters who refused to move, Cheryl was there shooting pictures to capture the event. She was the only member of the media there at the time. All others had left already.

That's where the important story begins. Read these two reports to learn more:

OpEdNews Reporter Arrested While Photographing Protest
By Rob Kall2

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OpedNews Journalist and Six Protesters Charged With Criminal Conspiracy After Arrest At "Army Experience Center"

This is a freedom of the press issue and story. Tell your local paper and TV news station to cover it. Contact your favorite MSNBC or Dailyshow or other host to cover it.

And support This is such a screaming example of how we cover the story that the mainstream media ignores. The Philadelphia Inquirer didn't even send a reporter to cover this. And the two mainstream media orgs that WERE represented hightailed out when the police said they were going to begin making arrests-- intimidated and bullied into not covering the story.

If you want to depend on weak, mainstream media, ignore this request. If you want to support a strong, independent progressive media, please send your contribution. I can't tell you how urgent our need for contributions is, in these hard times.
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Rob Kall

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