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DLA Piper and Sibel Edmonds' revelations about Dennis Hastert

WWW--It's been several weeks now since the sworn deposition of FBI whistleblower Sibel Edmonds, and she's been doing a lot of talking. About whom, you might ask? About former House Speaker Dennis Hastert, Indiana Rep. Dan Burton (can't control know), an unidentified Democratic Rep. who's been compromised and blackmailed in a lesbian affair to aid the Turkish government, and a whole lot more.

Most of the players are Republicans, but this time we're going to get some Democratic fish in the barrel. In one case--it looks like Burton and a few others involved--nuclear secrets were being sold to Turkey, Pakistan, and a few others that are on terror-lists as "renegade nations." They were also listed by the last president as being part of an "axis of evil." You do the math.

Burton's office and someone representing him has been around, but there have been other players. This exchange from the deposition transcript before Congress is pretty extraordinary and raised some flags for me on DLA Piper's recent visit to the site:
... Q: Now, are you --- has it come to your attention that some members of Congress once they've left Congress like Dennis Hastert engaged in lobbying for the Turkish government?

A: Dennis Hastert is known publicly. Stephen Solarz is known publicly. He used to be a Congressman, and then he became lobbyist as soon as he left both for Israel and Turkey.

Bob Livingston, he within a year after he left Congress, he became lobbyist for the government of Turkey, and he is registered under Foreign Agent's Registration Act. But then there are people who work for these lobbying firms who are not the top, but they have received their share while they were working, whether they are in Pentagon.

One person was Defense Intelligence Agency person, Dana Bauer, and now she works for Bob Livingston, but this individual, Ms. Bauer, did a lot of favors and illegal favors to --- for government of Turkey and others, and then was hired by Livingston and put on a big salary to represent Turkish government.

So it's not only top tier of the lobbying firm, but then the people who work for them later and the various layers of those people.

Q: How about Richard Gephardt? You know, who he is, right?

A: Yes, I do.

Q: And do you have any information about whether or not he took money from Turkish organizations?

A: No, I just have (unintelligible) information based on what I read that he joined the lobby firm for --- that represents Turkey, the lobby that Mr. Hastert got hired, but I don't have any information.

Q: For the firm called DLA Piper?

A: Yes.

Q: Law firm. Are you aware of them lobbying for the Turkish government?

A: Yes.

Q: Let me give you a hypothetical and just get your understanding of what might be going on because it's particularly relevant to our case.

You have a hypothetical Congresswoman from State X. Her district has no Turkish population to speak of or Armenian population to speak of. She's the largest recipient of Turkish PAC money in the 2008 election cycle. All right?

She meets with Livingston and Rogers or Livingston Group when they're escorting members of the Turkish parliament to a reception. She receives fact sheets from the Livingston Group talking about Turkish relations; goes to luncheons in honor of the Turkish Foreign Minister, and she opposes Armenian genocide resolution and, in fact, refuses to even recognize the genocide as a historical fact. ...

Curiouser and curiouser, that. The soon-to-be-identified congresswoman is done, toast. Once her identity is out there and it's known that she's being blackmailed by the Turkish intelligence community and their government, that's it, she can no longer discharge her duties. This is coming very soon, and she's not going to be the only one marching out of Congress and into a courtroom.

Did I mention that it appears Indiana Rep. Dan Burton has been caught screwing around on his wife again, this time getting his dick caught in the gears of the Turkish government? Yes, he did. That's right folks, elected officials are taking bribes, being proffered a piece-of-ass, and even promised all kinds of things like a kingdom in hell, but most of all, they're being blackmailed and turned to spy on the rest of us, against our common interests.

That's treason, and it's not a joke or a laughing matter. Ask your local news outlet, paper, CNN, Fox, and all the rest of the mainstream media, why they're not covering the Sibel Edmonds story. Is there a connection to the DC Madam scandal? Could be. She and her defense counsel--Montgomery Blair Sibley--issued subpoenas to the DIA and the CIA, both institutions refused to accept them. It's a good thing they had Federal District (and former FISA court) Judge James Robertson looking out for their interests. It seems protecting reputations of criminals in high office is more important than national security, which makes it more than a little ironic when they invoke it in court to avoid exposure. That's not merely corruption, it's a dysfunctional political culture, a system in free fall.

Sibel Edmonds' August 8, 2009 sworn testimony before Congress:

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