Saturday, June 14, 2008

Songs from the Site Meter: The Return of the U.S. Army's 5th Signal Corps--Over Ret. Col. Ronald Roughead

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--So guys, can you bring me that Zagnut next time around? And if you're diverting traffic from this site, or screwing around with anything, remember that that's a violation of my First amendment rights. It's illegal. I know, I know, orders are orders. Cyber units aren't a secret on the Internet, just so you know.

You have to wonder if Ron got any from that call to Pamela Martin & Associates, or if he was "getting some" for one of his superiors. Is he still working for SAIC after his retirement from the Pentagon? What difference does it make these days? Ken Silverstein should really give Ronald Roughead a visit sometime, he might discover something interesting, and it's only a short little hop around the corner from Capitol Hill to Alexandria.

Why did a former Defense Attache who was at the bombing of a U.S. Embassy in Kenya? Why did a recent former head of the Iraqi Media Network call the DC Madam's escort service in late-2005? Why did the brother of Navy's highest officer call? Nobody appears to want to know, which is curious...

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