Wednesday, June 04, 2008

John McCain: "I'm a force for change too...really"

The Campaign Trail of Tears
--Why sure you are--if you mean your presidency would be an even greater national disaster than the current one. But, those of us with common sense already know this.

I'd tell "Johnnie got his gun" to go back to the Hanoi Hilton, but he never left it way back in 1972. He doesn't like the "darkies" either, at least I hear-tell. What could be dowdier than a man his age being a bigot? Correct, a young woman who's a racist. Men just look stupid and embarrassing. That would be Johnnie, and also the late Ronnie.

Change? It depends on how you look at it. Change can run-the-gamut from catastrophic to productive and sustainable. Hitler and Stalin brought "change." Virtually none of it was productive or positive. By now, it should be obvious that John McCain has done nothing to further productive change in so many areas of American life, and yet there he is, a "viable" candidate. You know we're still in a lot of trouble when this is the case, and we cannot sit-back and expect that Obama's going to do the right thing for the common good without very vocal and active (actions) pressure.

That's how the society game works. Do nothing: things worsen. Do something: things can change, but not overnight. Resistance to unaccountable power must be sustained indefinitely, and life rarely has those comforting Hollywood endings. The struggle for liberty and autonomy is eternal. Whether we like it or not is unimportant. There are no messiahs--Black or otherwise--who are going to ride in like the cavalry to save the day. We the people are that cavalry, and we've been sleeping on the job for nearly 30 years.

Has the sleeper awakened? Is it too late? We ensure disaster by giving-up and not trying. Voting for McCain is giving-up. What possible change will come from a Senator who bent-over-backwards for the Bush administration, who voted for the war in Iraq, and who has rubber-stamped virtually every Bush legislative initiative? Obama has a lot to live up to. Expect disappointments, and expect to have to work to push him in a constructive direction.

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