Monday, June 30, 2008


Washington D.C.--Seymour Hersh has been writing at-length on this in recent months, but it's not exactly a new story. In 2004, I was told by a source who has been working in the Middle East for a private security firm since before the invasion of Iraq that Special Forces and Rangers groups were hitting Iranian infrastructure.

One of the targets was very provocative: a water reservoir. Other targets were military, specifically outposts and bases, while others were general attacks to create a sense of disorder in the Iranian populace. It doesn't take much real looking, it's out there. Start asking those who are there, they'll tell you. CNN is merely begging-the-question, but this writer can assure readers that they've known this at least as long as me.

Hoosier alert: CNN had a call-in on the Seymour Hersh stories--and he's nobody important, just the man who uncovered the My Lai massacre and inhuman abuses at Abu-Ghraib prison in Iraq--where a jackape named "Kevin" called the noted journalist a traitor. Welcome to Indiana, home to the genus, stupid American male.

Seymour Hersh's article on the coming--and stupidly pointless--war with Iran:

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