Monday, August 06, 2007


1200 First Street, Alexandria, Virginia
--Mr. Roughead testified before Congress on May 4th of last year as an intelligence analyst of some sort. Google a map of the District of Columbia--or better yet, just look at the maps-link under Mr. Roughead's name, it's less-than three miles from the Capitol building.

He could literally walk there if he had to (not that he does). Several mainstream publications and sites have been alerted to fact that this number is likely that of Ron Roughead, former head of IMN in Iraq, employed prior to early-May of 2006 by SAIC (

Media are either afraid, lazy, or too stupid to understand the significance of who he is. There's little reason to doubt that this man called Ms. Palfrey in 2005 from his Alexandria, Virginia home, unless he has a son who used the services of Pamela Martin & Associates.
This is unlikely.

This writer is saying we have our man, it's the same person. The surname is extremely rare in this spelling, and no other "Rougheads" besides soon-to-be CNO (Chief Naval Officer) brother Gary Roughead come up in any internet-based searches who reside in the United States. Absolutely nobody named Ron Roughead comes up in such searches except a race car driver in the UK. There was also the noted UK criminologist who Ron and Gary are related to, and a woman named "Lisa."

Only Ronald in Alexandria, Virginia fits. One could imagine that the deceased criminologist William Roughead would find some genuine irony here for, since his relations might be criminals themselves. They might want to reflect on this sometime.

Brother Gary would certainly have influence over whether the unidentified Naval Officer (a Lieutenant and "supply officer") could keep her job at Annapolis, and could have even previously exerted influence over the federal prosecution of Deborah Jeane Palfrey in this manner--and perhaps others that are currently unknown. Directories? If you cannot find a phone number doing a Google search, granted, it's likely to be listed. But grab your phone books, and you tell me how many "Rougheads" you find spelled with one "H." If you find any at all, you'll be lucky.

Ron lives at Meridian at Braddock Station apartments--at least part-time between his job with SAIC in San Diego and his lobbying and liason work for them in D.C.--and pays a minimum of $1,215.00-$2,230.00 per-month, so he could afford the services of Pamela Martin & Associates, and handily. has this to say about where Ron lives:
Alexandria Apartments
Meridian At Braddock Station1200 First St.,
Alexandria, Virginia 22314

Meridian At Braddock Station is an Alexandria apartment complex that rents out efficiency, 1 and 2 bedroom floor plans with 1 or 2 baths. This Alexandria, VA apartment complex lists its units between $1215 and $2230. Total floor area for these Alexandria apartments is specified between 605 and 1220 square feet. Meridian At Braddock Station was built in 1992 and fully renovated in 2000.
Nice digs, especially if you're probably shuttling back-and-forth between the coasts for your job. A man needs to unwind sometimes, and it appears that Ronald has a penchant for this. He also has a penchant for making a lot of money testifying about phony videogames being used to recruit American children into joining Al-Qaeda ("Sonic Jihad," a title that illustrates the lack of media savvy on-the-part of the individual that concocted it). I know, I know, you want to know what Alec Baldwin thinks about the president's dog at Huffingtonpost, right?

More on "concoctions": someone else--probably at SAIC--is being paid to concoct the name "Sam Eardth" to get this writer to pull Ron's phone number. No-dice. Can I get a high-paying job creating nothing and doing nothing constructive on the taxpayer's dime? Boy, am I glad I don't have to pay any taxes with my unemployed status, I'd feel pretty ripped-off right now.

While Congress stupidly and self-destructively gives the Bush administration more power, and more funds to continue the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the real war is occurring within the corridors of power. These are the real front-lines of an international war for who controls human civilization--the people, or a narrow group of "entitled" criminals.

Ed.-A call was made by myself at around 5:20PM Eastern today that finally resulted in an answer on the other end. A man answered and confirmed his name was Ron Roughead. I was asked who I was, and replied, "Matt Janovic. I'm a private researcher. I'm researching Ms. Palfrey's records," and was immediately hung-up on.

The tone of the exchange was as if he'd received other calls before that his phone number was in the records of Pamela Martin & Associates. There was a pause when I mentioned my name. The call couldn't have lasted more than 15-20 seconds. I could be wrong, but he sure seemed to react as if he already knew my name. Others are likely to encounter the same.