Saturday, June 28, 2008

A Message to Obama Accuser and Gay Hustler, Larry Sinclair & His Followers

WWW--This was submitted to Larry Sinclair's site on a thread about D.C. U.S. Attorney Jeffrey A. Taylor regarding Sinclair's arrest at his recent press conference at the National Press Club in Washington D.C. :

Larry & his disciples:

Oh sure, Larry, we'll believe you. A 27 year rap sheet, all the admissions of being a grifter, a deceiver, and admitting that you have mental problems--of course we should believe you, why not?

All of you are so incredibly misguided to believe one word of this individual, and I believe the warrants will be found to be valid. This is coming from someone who doesn't trust our police, our government bureaucracy, nor the politicians.

This whole story is a pipe dream of a hustler who's run out of options, lies, but he certainly hasn't run-out of "marks" and rubes he can shakedown for some quick cash. But thanks for allowing myself and others to better understand the real dynamic of the Palfrey affair: mental illness. Thanks!

The rest of us are out there fighting power directly while those here are chasing ghosts and wasting their resources on a liar and an admitted con man. Larry had the First amendment right to have that press conference...except that he's a criminal who's wanted in more than one state. Doesn't matter, this horse and pony show is ending naturally.

P.S.: I'm a Nader supporter and have serious doubts about Senator Obama that have nothing whatsoever to do with a washed-up, lying gay hustler named Larry Sinclair. Jeane was guilty, and I personally believe you are too. May justice be served, either way.

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